Automatic Weather Stations- An Operating Guide



A free guide is available to download in MS Word format to help non-professional meteorologists and other users get the best out of their Automatic Weather Stations (AWS).  It has been compiled by an operator of AWS equipment and is aimed at those who are looking for practical advice on operating these systems to give high quality data for climatological or synoptic purposes.  It is a condensation of internationally accepted guidelines on siting apparatus for these purposes, operating an observing site, maintaining equipment and archiving meteorological data.  It draws on peer reviewed scientific papers, web resources and practical operating experience, and describes guidelines in a way which is understandable and using equipment available to most amateur and non-specialist operators.  It is particularly valuable to operators who may be siting equipment in a less than ideal or urban site where compromises in equipment position are unavoidable.


A Guide to the Siting, Exposure and Calibration of Automatic Weather Stations for Synoptic and Climatological Observations is a free download for educational and guidance purposes.  The copyright is retained by the author but there are no restrictions on the free distribution of this document, which is intended to improve the standard of data obtained from the ever increasing number of AWS in use for gathering meteorological data and the understanding of data gathered by this equipment by end-users.


Whilst every care has been taken to provide sound advice and to have the publication peer reviewed by professional meteorologists to ensure accuracy, the author accepts no responsibility for anything consequent upon the application of the information contained within.



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