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My son was in great pain with Crohn's disease.


I asked Lee for absent healing, via a friend, who had received healing from Lee a few weeks earlier. Whatever Lee did to David lessened his pain and he twice had operations at the hospital cancelled.


Since Lee's treatment David's heath has greatly improved and has put on two stones eating one meal a day.


David had a lot of intense pain a few days ago, i rang Lee to ask for more healing, which he kindly provided, David is once more stable.


We don't know how things will work out, but with new remedies becoming available and Lee's help, we feel David is being looked after.


Mrs J Doobley - Newthorpe Notts -  Oct 04


I contacted Lee via my son, because of the intense pain in my shoulder, Lee came to my house, and gave me healing. This resulted me being able continue my favourite hobby of gardening within  two days.


Mrs Osborne - Saxilby - Sept 04


Both us had been under a tremendous amount of stress. We found it very difficult to deal with. After speaking to Lee, having several relaxation sessions and discussing how to control and manage our stress levels.


We now are back in control of our lives.




Simon and Sylvia - Chesterfield - Aug 04



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