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JULY - After an initial telephone call to Ayrshire Trading Standards,

I was referred to Community Resources in Rutherglen.

02 AUGUST - Letter to Waterside Classics, enclosing the following

documentation:- letter from my insurer, MOT test certificate.

Letter ignored no reply or acknowledgement received.

01 SEPTEMBER - After two telephone calls to Trading Standards

I forwarded a letter, enclosing a copy of my original letter to Waterside,

and letter from my insurer, and MOT certificate.

08 SEPTEMBER - Letter from Trading Standards in which

I was advised that after a number of telephone calls made

by Trading Standards to Waterside Classics Mr Reid

the owner was not willing to offer any compensation.

Mr Reid also stated to Trading Standards that the spare tyre

was a brand new space saver tyre which was suitable for the car.

Yes the spare tyre provided by Waterside was new,

MGB's never had a space saver tyre, and

how could the tyre be suitable for my car when it resulted

in an MOT failure, ILLEGAL CAR with no INSURANCE

20 SEPTEMBER - Letter to Trading Standards in which I requested

if they would place in writing if I had a valid complaint.

To date this letter has been completely ignored by Trading Standards.

Clearly at this stage Trading Standards where out of their depth, and

finding the situation a little to difficult to handle, and after a few cosy

telephone calls to Mr Reid had exhausted all options for action.


My involvement with Trading Standards has been a

complete waste of time, if I can dissuade others from wasting

time and effort in contacting Trading Standards.

Then I will have achieved something.



I have endeavoured to ensure

that the information when presented as factual

is accurate and error free.

The views, opinions and recommendation are my own.






10 August