Bills New Meccano Page


Welcome to my new Meccano Web Page. I have recently rebuilt all my models to make them all remotely controlled and battery powered. In the main I have used Infra red  with some radio controlled. The infra red ones use picaxe programmable chips working on the Sony protocol by using a One for All remote control set for Video operation. This gives 26 different control lines. The German WWII sdkfz  251 half track  troop carrier featured below has forward and reverse movement and steering.

 The German WWII  2cm Flakvierling 38 Sdkfz 7/1 anti-aircraft half track featured below with its sides folded down to provide a working platform. Has forward and reverse movement , servo steering and the four flak guns rotate, elevates and fire with recoil accompanied with light and sound effect all controlled by a picaxe 28x chip via infra red.

 The German WWII  Kubelwagen featured below was built by Volkswagen having the same floor plan as a Golf. This model is built on the Meccano radio control truck chassis with the original wheels removed and replaced by 20a/142a wheels. 

 The German WWII   Sdkfz 2 kleines Kettenrad tracked motorcycle featured below is radio controlled. It has forward and reverse movement and can steer by its tracks one motor controlling each track t also has an illuminated headlamp and the battery's are carried in the trailer.

 The American WWII   Jeep below is again built on the Meccano radio controlled truck chassis.

The JCB digger featured below replicates all the movements of the original. It is battery powered and infra  red controlled via two picaxe 20m chips . Servos control the steering front bucket angle and the rear feet. The front arms are raised and lowered by string pulleys on motor controlled drums. The rear rear bucket has two motors operating pulleys and drums for raising and lowering the arm and elbow a third motor alters the bucket angle. The whole mechanism rotates. It has forward and reverse movement via a differential operating headlights and a separate flasher unit. In all six 12v motors and three servos. The half tracks have pickaxes operating relay boards but because of the limited space in this model the motors are controlled via L293d motor driver chips.

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