photo copyright: I. Morelius

I am very grateful to have made the acquaintance of Captain Iwan Morelius, retired of the Swedish Army. He was a close personal friend of the Bagley’s and features in the author’s dedication for The Enemy. He has been able to shed much light in dark corners.

The Captain was a very friendly, helpful, charismatic and energetic man, happy to assist in any way he could. The marvellous photo-album of his meetings with the author has been invaluable.

Born in Stockholm in 1931 Iwan Morelius left school earlier than expected and began working for the Swedish Press Office in Visby on the island of Gotland. Military service beckoned and Iwan joined up, serving way beyond his conscription, from 1950 until 1981 in Uppsala, Kiruna and Strängnäs.

During his free time Iwan read a lot of his favourite subject – mysteries and thrillers – and in 1968 founded one of the longest-running thriller-genre magazines: DAST. He subsequently passed the reigns on to someone else, but continued to publish his own Read and Heard in the Hammock magazine. The sheer number of authors he knew would make any fan of the genre green with envy!

Sadly Iwan passed away in 2012.