17th July 2018

Yesterday was the day my web-host had told me they were withdrawing their service and no-longer providing a home for this site. With this in mind I had prepared and set up two mirror sites so that when the time came I could change the desmondbagley.co.uk URL to point towards one of them. As I write this site is still live so I'll leave things as they are for the time being. It is tightly bound to the iTunes podcast links and they are not easy to update. If this site suddenly disappears then I will make the switch.

Thank you for visiting and best wishes.

17th June 2018

The Desmond Bagley exhibition on Guernsey has now come to an end but the "Special Collection" created at the local Priaulx Library will continue to be available to visitors.

14th May 2018

Well the Guernsey Literary Festival is now over but The Life and Work of Desmond Bagley exhibition is open until the 9th June. It features original cover artwork, professional photographs of the author, excellent and informative information panels and a very personal painting by local artist Peter Le Vasseur. Well worth a visit if you find yourself anywhere near the Guille-Allès Library in Market Street, St Peter Port.

11th May 2018

A very significant day for the ongoing memory of the author and his wife. A new Blue Plaque was unveiled at their former home, now called Bagley Hall, at 11:30am this morning by the Bailiff of Guernsey Sir Richard John Collas.

To see the Blue Plaque and read about the unveiling head on over to The Bagley Brief.

9th May 2018

Podcast no.13 has been uploaded today with a short News Update about the Guernsey Literary Festival.

4th May 2018

Philip Eastwood of
The Bagley Brief web-site is on Guernsey in the Channel Islands for their annual Literary Festival and this morning he appeared on BBC Radio Guernsey's Jenny Kendall-Tobias' show to talk about Desmond Bagley. Please follow the link below to listen. Philip's segment starts at 03:50 and runs for 24-minutes.


Philip has also appeared in a podcast for the Guille-Allès library, also on Guernsey and posted on the 3rd May. The link to that:


3rd May 2018

As we approach the annual
Guernsey Literary Festival for 2018 it has just been announced the author and his wife have been awarded a Blue Plaque in recognition of their charitable contributions to the island. The inauguration will take place on Friday the 11th May at their former residence, Bagley Hall, newly named in their honour and now a suite of luxury apartments. Philip Eastwood's introduction "Desmond Bagley – The writer who continues to inspire" will take place the day before, on Thursday 10th May, at the Guille-Allès Library.

17th March 2018

Update to the author page for John Templeton Smith.

15th March 2018

The hard work of Philip Eastwood has resulted in Desmond Bagley's 1980 article for In Britain magazine entitled "A Little Peace of Britain" being republished for the first time in 38-years. Details in the Miscellaneous menu section.

9th February 2018

Podcast number 12 has just been uploaded. This time we take a look at the author's fifth novel - The Vivero Letter - and update readers on a special event at this year's Guernsey Literary Festival. You can find it here in the Podcast section or on iTunes.

Also, here is the link mentioned in the Podcast:

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

And again, the podcasts on iTunes:

Desmond Bagley on iTunes

11th January 2018

Podcast number 11 has just been uploaded both here and on iTunes.

For this episode we explore the motivation of the author and look forward to an interesting event later this year.

Desmond Bagley on iTunes

23rd December 2017

Just a quick entry to wish all Desmond Bagley fans a very happy and peaceful festive season, however you celebrate it.

Despite the author's novels being about deadly subjects, his depiction of violence was never too graphic or gratuitous. He was a peaceable man who journeyed through life helping and supporting others. Along with his wife Joan the couple supported many charities and donated frequently to good causes. Fame never turned his head, nor soured his view of the good in people.

Let us all wish for a better 2018 and, in whatever way we can make it, a better world.

From here at Bagley Towers may I offer my Compliments of the Season!

16th December 2017

A new section has been added to the site called
Other Reviews. In it we will add reviews for titles we know for sure, or can speculate, that either Desmond or Joan would have read and enjoyed.

13th December 2017

Philip Eastwood is the man behind The Bagley Legacy. He has been able to travel both to Boston in the United States, and Guernsey in the Channel Islands, to research more deeply than anyone else the background-history and the private-life, of the author. The work he is doing is illuminating the enormous contribution Bagley made to the thriller-writing world.

Head on over to The Bagley Brief for some very interesting developments in the world of the author:


1st October 2017

A new podcast by reviewer and enthusiast Matthew Bradford of the "Double O Section" blog is now up on Shane Whaley's "Spybrary Podcast", where he discusses the author's much-loved novel "Running Blind"

Check out both sites for much more about the spy and thriller genre.



23rd September 2017

Although, as some keen-eyed readers have noticed, the iTunes Podcasts temporarily disappeared, they should all now be available once more. My apologies for the hiccup.

10th August 2017

The remaining four of the sixteen novels are released today by Harper Collins UK. This re-release of all the author's novels has been a great leap of faith by his publisher and their legacy department, headed-up by the indomitable David Brawn. A big thank you to him and his excellent team for making this a possibility.

Links below are to the Amazon UK paperbacks:

Bahama Crisis
Night of Error

Don't forget to check out Philip Eastwood's The Bagley Brief website too.


31st July 2017

Mike Ripley has written yet another splendid monthly "Getting Away with Murder" column for Shots, the Crime and Thriller Ezine. Always a great read and in the August 2017 edition he mentions the latest Desmond Bagley releases. Keep yourself abreast of all things in crime and thriller fiction and subsribe - Shots - Crime & Thriller Ezine

13th July 2017

Today the third of the year's four tranches of Desmond Bagley novels is published by Harper Collins UK. Details are given in the previous post. What an excellent way to re-engage with our once world-wide, best-selling author of adventure thrillers? The four titles are packed with excitement and adventure. The Tightrope Men takes us to Scandinavia with a man who can't believe what he sees in the mirror one morning. The Snow Tiger takes us even further afield to the snow-capped mountain ranges of New Zealand where danger is all around. The Enemy explores the secret development of new weapons that turn out to be, excuse the simile, a double-edged sword. And Flyaway takes us on a treasure hunt, to a part of the world the author dearly loved - and in a Landrover Too! There is a also a new article by Philip Eastwood, over at The Bagley Brief about modern author Caro Raymond and the influence Desmond Bagley had on her writing career. The Bagley Brief.

6th July 2017

Not long now until the third batch of four Desmond Bagley novels will be available to buy once more:

The Tightrope Men

The Snow Tiger

The Enemy



… will all be republished on the 13th July 2017 by Harper Collins UK in paperback and ebook versions.

Links above are to Amazon UK. More to follow …

Place your orders!

1st July 2017

Following on from the previous post and the release of the excellent "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by Mike Ripley, which features Desmond Bagley, this summer there is a season of events at the Gower Street, London branch of Waterstones bookshop featuring the Classic Spy Fiction Book Club. They start on the 4th of July:

Waterstones Summer of Spies

Mike will be attending on the 22nd August along with Telegraph Crime and Thriller critic Jake Kerridge:

Waterstones Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Tickets are available online.

16th May 2017
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A new retrospective of the golden-age of British thriller writing, aptly named
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is due for release on the 18th May.

Desmond Bagley wrote Thrillers of the Adventure variety and it's a branch of the genre which has been around for a long time, but quite how long and with how many adherents might come as a surprise to the casual reader. For those who would like to know more there's a splendid new book illuminating the subject with it's copious hits, misses, masters and mistresses.

Written by industry stalwart Mike Ripley, that well-known expert on all things fictional, criminal and adventurous, you know you are in for a great ride. Not only does he write in a very accessible and witty way, the facts he imparts are, you just know, accurate, interesting and enlightening.

His book covers the period from 1953 to 1975 - the heyday, perhaps of the British thriller, when James Bond became a household name, when Harry Palmer spouted dry, working-class philosophy to the dismay of his staid establishment bosses, and became the name of the spy who didn't actually have one. When Alistair McLean ruled the best-seller charts with his gritty adventures and then rewrote them into screenplays for hugely popular movies with all-star casts. When old-hands like Hammond Innes and Dennis Wheatley were really getting into their strides; and in great contrast a dour
Callan strove to remove all traces of glamour from our seedy, soiled world.

Of course it was during this period that Desmond Bagley was to make his mark and Mike has placed our author accurately within the grand scheme of things, highlighting the importance of his work, the relationships he shared with fellow authors, the industry and the press. He highlights his important legacy.

The first part of Mike's book explores the history of the thriller, it's branches and sub-genres, highlighting authors who are well-known and others less so; even the one-hit-wonders of which some are memorable but many not. The second half offers mini-biographies of the leading-lights, followed closely by the still enthralling, not so bright but still solid performers who helped underpin this period of incredibly prolific and varied output.

Mike himself will be well-known to anyone who has an interest in thrillers of the crime or adventure type. Not only is he a well-published author in his own right, he's also the man behind a regular column called
Getting Away with Murder in Shots Crime and Thriller Magazine where he reviews the latest releases, meets the authors and acts as custodian of the worldwide thriller legacy.

This is one book that deserves to be read and will be an indispensable addition to your bookshelf.

Available on
Amazon UK

25th April 2017
- A new article written especially for this web-site to mark it's 20th year

By world-renowned thriller writer
John Templeton Smith.

John has generously
written an article about his friendship with Desmond Bagley and the help he offered guiding John along the road to becoming a best-selling author. This is an exceedingly rare and privileged insight into a period now nearly forty years past and was written alongside our previously published Podcast no.10 featuring Desmond Bagley's Top 10 Tips for Writers.

Check it out:
Tamanrasset Aittisal

(The article is copyright © 2017)

20th April 2017
- Publication day and a rare interview

As detailed in the previous post, today the second tranche of four Desmond Bagley novels are released. To tie-in with this Philip over at
The Bagley Brief has published an interview with modern novelist Jeremy Dunns about the influence Bagley had on his work.

Take a look:
Philip Eastwood interviews Jeremy Dunns

19th April 2017
- Books published and a new, related title…

The second batch of novels is released tomorrow, the 20th April. All are available on Amazon UK in both paperback and Kindle editions:

New Releases amazon

As well as Apple iBooks, Kobo and Google Play:

iBooks -

new releases ibook.

Kobo -

new releases kobo

Play -

new releases play

Those of you with keen eyes may note the new title by author, book reviewer and critic,
Mike Ripley: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, in the listings too. This is because his latest, sub-titled: The Boom in British Thrillers From Casino Royale to The Eagle Has Landed, is also published by Harper Collins UK on the 18th May 2017 and takes a look at the thriller genre with a sizeable nod to the work of Desmond Bagley!

6th April 2017 - Podcast

We are pleased to be able to bring you Podcast no. 10 featuring an exclusive treat for all Desmond Bagley fans and aspiring writers. Head over to the Podcasts page and find out more. It will be available in iTunes too, later today.

28th March 2017
- Podcast

Podcast No.9 is now live on the web-site and available from iTunes too. This episode we review
Running Blind written by Philip Eastwood from The Bagley Brief web-site and a specialist in this particular story.

13th March 2017 - Shout out

If you've enjoyed browsing this web-site don't forget to take a look at The Bagley Brief, another flourishing, independent web-site also dedicated to the author.

31st January 2017
- Podcast

The eighth podcast has now been uploaded here and to iTunes. For this episode we explore the Kinoxi Valley in British Columbia with Bob Boyd and the authors fourth novel Landslide.

19th January 2017
- Podcast

The seventh Desmond Bagley podcast is now available both here and on iTunes. This time we take a look at the author's third novel - Wyatt's Hurricane. Be sure to check it out.

12th January 2017
- The new publication begins

What we've all been waiting eagerly for. The first four in the re-release of Desmond Bagley's novels are available to buy from today.

Links to various online shops below:

Amazon UK - The Golden Keel
Apple iBook -
The Golden Keel
Kobo ebook -
The Golden Keel
Google Play -
The Golden Keel

Amazon UK - High Citadel
Apple iBook -
High Citadel
Kobo ebook -
High Citadel
Google Play -
High Citadel

Amazon UK - Wyatt's Hurricane
Apple iBook -
Wyatt's Hurricane
Kobo ebook -
Wyatt's Hurricane
Google Play -
Wyatt's Hurricane

Amazon UK - Landslide
Apple iBook -
Kobo ebook -
Google Play -

23rd December 2016

The sixth podcast is now available on iTunes and here on the Podcast page. Please have a listen.

8th December 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Desmond Bagley Podcast is now on iTunes, making it easier to listen while on the move, or simply keep up to date with what is happening by subscribing.


The latest, and first new-format podcast, is "
The Golden Keel - Where it all Started".

Subscribe and let us know what you think.


5th December 2016

Today sees the publication of the Fifth Desmond Bagley Podcast. This also marks our first anniversary of production. It's been a long learning curve and hopefully you will enjoy the new format. Do let us know.

As we race towards 2017 and the re-release of all of the author's novels we go back to the beginning and take a look at the background to
The Golden Keel.

21st November 2016

The new cover artwork for the full 2017 re-release is now out in the wild:


Many thanks to David Brawn at Harper Collins UK for helping with the above. Images Harper Collins and used with permission.

7th November 2016

The fourth podcast has gone live. Please check the tab on the right.

5th November 2016

So far Amazon UK have new listings for 12 of the 16 novels due for release throughout 2017 with previews of the covers. Long-standing fans will probably recognise the artwork, it was used for the last Harper Collins release back in the 1990's:

Book1. Books 2

Books 3

2nd November 2016

Although the new contact email address seemed to be working fine from here, some have reported messages being bounced back as undeliverable. A bit of a mystery as to why. To rectify this a new address has been thoroughly tested and put in place.

New cover artwork has now finally appeared on Amazon UK.
Harper Collins have decided to pay homage to some of the original covers they created for their last single-novel publications back in the 90's. The re-release is spread throughout 2017.

23rd October 2016

New email address for feedback.

20th October 2016

Typos and site repairs in preparation for the fourth podcast, coming soon.

29th September 2016

Hard on the heels of the last audio snippet, podcast number three goes live. Please check it out.

17th September

Podcast number two has just gone live. Head on over to the Podcast page and take a listen. These audio snippets are intended to give the visitor a bite-size introduction to some of the lesser known facts about the author.

12th September

Slight disaster. Domain names were due for renewal but instead were cancelled. All sorted now, but a worrying start to the week.

2nd September

Some very welcome Good News.

In 2017 all of Desmond Bagley's novels are being republished singly. They are to be released at three-month intervals in batches of four. Not all are listed on Amazon yet but if you'd like to place a pre-order how about the first in the series?


19th August

Update: Typo corrections

12th August

Update: Photo Album New photograph from Graham Jackson Photography

11th August

As a part of the evolution of this site the News page will now include a "Change Log". I realise people who check back regularly don't appreciate having to trawl through every page to see what is different or updated, so any changes will be listed here. I will list them as follows:

John Templeton Smith

6th July 2016

There is now a Facebook page dedicated to the author which features small snippets of information to whet the appetite of visitors.

Why not take a peek?

24th May 2016

Updates include a small addition to the Media page about Radio broadcasts.

11th February 2016

A new arrival from the United States in the form of a magazine article that was published at the time of the author's death in April 1983. It has to have been one of his last interviews and is a real eye-opener onto his life at that time and how he worked.

I've also been in contact with a gentleman who is planning to write about the post-war trekking movement - something Desmond Bagley took part in - when British jobs and accommodation were in critically short supply after the return of surviving servicemen once hostilities ended. This is a fascinating aspect of Bagley's life and one he rarely talked about. There are scant details to be had from his journey and it appears a much more adventurous and desperate course of action than most of us had previously appreciated. Bagley stayed with the group he started off with until he reached Nairobi and from there worked his slow, solo passage down to Johannesburg.

The Bagley's former home on Guernsey is currently being renovated.

27th January 2016

A stormy start to the New Year here in the UK and across the pond on the eastern seaboard of the US.

The Bagley world has been very busy. There are works in progress that mention the author's life and trip through Africa and I'll include more information as I get it and am allowed to use it.

There are new photographs being discovered all the time and when permissions are granted I'll include them here too.

In paperback all titles are available to buy in the UK but the prices seem to be a little irregular. You can get better value over on the US sites but they don't have everything in stock.

Kindle titles are all downloadable in from Amazon UK. Although the US site lists them on the dedicated author page they don't appear in a general search. Clicking on the author-page Kindle titles does not allow you to buy one! Pretty much as it was back in June 2015. A pity.

21st December 2015

As we race towards the end of the year I'd just like to wish all visitors Season's Greetings and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

7th December 2015

Check out our new Podcast category over in the sidebar menu.

There's only one entry so far, planned as the first in an irregular series of audio commentaries in which we will touch on aspects of the author's work and his personal background.

To compliment this a new Facebook page has also been created to invite and encourage further discussion. There was one already, of the automatically generated holding-page variety with no moderator or original input, but interestingly 2900 likes, confirming how popular the author still is.

Lets see if we can open him up to a wider audience.

20th June 2015

All titles are currently available from stock at Amazon UK either in paperback or Kindle versions except High Citadel/Landslide which is only available for Kindle. The pricing is, as seems to be common of late, rather erratic. Most double-title paperbacks are £7.99 each, however two books - Flyaway/Windfall and Running Blind/The Freedom Trap - are £14.99 each. Strangely both are from Amazon themselves. Kindle versions vary from £3.46 to £3.99.

You might assume that the two expensive books are somehow rarer than the others - and this maybe the case - but if they are in stock and available from Amazon rather than specialist third-parties, I haven’t noticed them doing this before.

Over at Amazon US only three of the double books are available - The Golden Keel/The Vivero Letter, Wyatt’s Hurricane/Bahama Crisis and The Snow Tiger/Night Of Error. Strangely though the Amazon US author page lists Kindle titles they don’t seem to be available for purchase. Frustrating for customers as The Golden Keel/The Vivero Letter is shown at only $1.99 and would be an ideal hook to get people reading the author. On selecting a Kindle title you are advised that they are available from Amazon UK.

The pricing over at Waterstone’s UK is equally erratic with the paperback of High Citadel/Landslide being available but at £14.99. Their prices for eBooks is even more variable than Amazon’s.

Over at Nook UK all the titles are available as eBooks with three titles at higher prices than the other five. At Nook’s parent company, Barnes and Noble in the US, all but one title is available in paperback for $9.99. Running Blind/The Freedom Trap is not listed. All eBook titles are available at between $6.99 - $7.99 with the happy exception of The Golden Keel/The Vivero Letter at $1.99.

6th January 2015

Jeremy Duns, well-known author of the Paul Dark novels and more, has been discussing the shocking reality that so many famous authors’ almost completed works are left unpublished after their deaths. As I mention elsewhere on this site Desmond Bagley bequeathed 10 or 11 to posterity. Jeremy Duns

27th November 2014

The Amazon lists are still a little confusing with the Kindle titles varying in price from £2.99 to £4.05 - sadly the 99p bargain is no longer available. The paperback range is showing a general low level of stock with a few titles exhausted.

10th October 2014

Curious shenanigans going on over at Amazon UK. Some titles are no longer readily available in print format and being offered at inflated prices by third-parties, while two of the double books are available on special-offer for Kindle - Running Blind / The Freedom Trap and The Spoilers / Juggernaut - at £0.99 each.

Be careful in your searches because some of the titles are listed more than once. There’s the official Amazon page and then very often others duplicated by third-parties.

9th October 2014

Thanks to Neil from South Africa it has been revealed that Bagley appeared on radio-shows while living there. There is more research to do to discover the subject and style of these shows but what we have learned is that he was referred to as “Bags” by his broadcast colleague!

More to follow as we get to the bottom of it.

30th July 2014

A couple more DVDs added to the media page. Not new titles, just older VHS ones reissued in a better-quality and more durable format.

3rd May 2014

New software for site management should see some cosmetic changes in the near future. Stay tuned!

21st February 2014

All 16 titles are now available in E-Book format on the Google Play store.

The price is the same as over on Amazon and both sites list each double book at £3.85.

Very good value!

24th September 2013

I’m pleased to be able to report that all 16 novels are now available once more on the Amazon Kindle store, alongside their paperback siblings.

Thanks must go to David B and Harper-Collins for rectifying this situation

Go buy them!


9th September 2013

More e-book news

Thanks to Marc in Belgium for getting in touch to let me know things have improved in the last week or so regarding availability of electronic versions of the titles.

All 16 titles are now available from the Google Play store for Android, in two titles per book just like the paperbacks.

Kobo are soon to be releasing titles too. I’ll update the page once I know the details.

26th August 2013

Current state of e-books

The mystery surrounding e-book publications gets more complicated. Whereas you might imagine e-books are either available or they are not it clearly isn’t as straightforward as that.

Here is the current state of play as of September 2013:

** iTunes in iBook format and only readable on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch = All Eight double titles, just like the paperbacks.**

**Google Play = One title, the Flyaway/Windfall double feature like the paperback. Price - £5.99 I’ve bought it and it is just like the Kindle version.**

Amazon Kindle Store = No titles listed. They did offer them all a couple of years ago, I bought some, but now there is no trace.

B&N Nook = No titles

Kobo = No titles

Anything else you see around the Internet will not be a legal copy.

As soon as I get any more information I’ll let you know …

10th August 2013

A Time if Austerity

Very recently there have been some promising hints that new film projects are being considered. As with all such glimmers of hope we have to be careful not to get too excited about the prospect!

However in these times of general austerity and spending-cuts it is a brave company or individual who takes on a project that isn’t backed by a major film company or celebrity. I know we all know this.

As usual I’ll keep my ear close to the ground and let you know any news as I get it.

You might notice that there are now
PayPal Donate buttons on most pages throughout the site.

For the last sixteen years I have funded this site myself, buying rights where necessary, paying postage, stumping-up the hosting and software fees. I will be the first to admit that everyone I have had dealings with over the years have, without exception, been incredibly helpful and generous. Without them this site couldn’t and wouldn’t exist.

When, a few months ago, I rebuilt the site in the new format you see before you, Google withdrew their permission to place adverts on it. Their automatic (it has to be said) systems detected something “sensitive” in the content and suspected me of plagiarism. As you know neither suspicion is true and the fault must surely lie in their “web-crawler” method of evaluation. This site is more likely to be the
originator of any information than a lot of others and there is nothing offensive in any of the content!

The buttons are there just in case you would like to help. There’s no requirement and no obligation. I would just be, personally, very grateful for any support.

Thank you

22nd March 2013

Well done to
Michael Davies on the world premier of his play: Rasputin’s Mother.

Michael is a dedicated professional of long standing and winner of the UK’s 2012-13 National Playwriting Competition.

A little known fact, and one which needs far more publicity, is that Michael has also written a screenplay for Desmond Bagley’s The Tightrope Men. I’ve been lucky enough to read it and see no reason why it shouldn’t eventually be produced. Excellent work by a proper craftsman.


March 2013

Hello and welcome to the new home for Desmond Bagley on the Internet!

All the information you could once find at desmondbagley.com and .co.uk has now been transferred here.

Hopefully you will find the new URL easy to remember but if not, simply bookmark it.

There are several projects afoot in the Bagley world so do keep popping back to check for updates.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find the resource a useful one.


The Kindle Mystery

None of the titles are currently available in Kindle format from Amazon, and they long ago vanished from Waterstone’s catalogue where the digital editions were in ePub format for the Sony reader. It seems all digital editions have been withdrawn.

Initially I thought the reason might be convoluted licensing. Perhaps only the second tranche as published in paper form by Harper Collins were available. Perhaps the e-book license for the first eight novels had expired.

I’m not convinced. When the last editions were available they were a mix. Three from series one and one from series two. There seemed no logic to be found.
A mystery indeed.

If I can find out why, I’ll let you know!

23rd September 2012

Yes, 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of this the world’s largest Desmond Bagley website.

The way we publish information and how we learn about the world around us, how we stay in touch with family and friends and how we entertain ourselves, has all changed since those first tentative steps back in 1997.

The Internet has been a sea-change in not only the way we communicate and shop but how we work, how we report injustice and crime, how we strive to change the way our societies communicate and learn about each other. Sadly, also how we learn to hate, spread unrest and incite, undermine, ridicule and throw virtual stones. Worse.

The Internet itself has changed, constantly in flux, standards changing as developers discover new ways to present information to more and more people in many-fold different ways as our own private and corporate technical infrastructures evolve.

Desmond Bagley would have loved the technology and would have loved the opportunities to experiment and explore that nowadays we so often take from granted. No doubt he would have woven the new technologies into a story or two and would certainly have increased his own IT footprint.

But technology is not all. The human factor runs underneath everything we do like a river, twisting, turning, eroding, building, carrying us all along. And it is the human factor that makes stories, makes the world interesting, makes technology a tool and adventure and exploration a reason to live.

Bagley knew all this instinctively.

10th June 2012

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated the web-site. It hasn’t been forgotten and is still in active development. Hopefully things will improve shortly.

Amazon are currently listing only four double books (eight novels) for the Kindle.

Initially I thought the reason might be licensing. Perhaps only the second branch as published in paper form by Harper Collins were available. Perhaps the e-book license for the first eight novels had expired.

Not so. The four double books available are a mix. Three from series one and one from series two.

A mystery then.

Here are the titles available as of 10th June 2012 -

Golden Keel / The Vivero Letter
The Tightrope Men / The Enemy
Snow Tiger / Night of Error
Flyaway / Windfall

If I can find out why, I’ll let you know!

23rd November 2011

Well after a period of invisibility the Amazon Kindle versions of most of the dual paperbacks, are available for purchase again. The notable exceptions being The Freedom Trap/Running Blind and Flyaway/Windfall.

I’ve no idea why two of the new books (four novels) are missing.

1st May 2011
Well it seems the existence of electronic editions of Desmond Bagley’s books was short lived.

In my previous piece I noted that the eBook versions at Waterstone’s had disappeared and now it seems that the Kindle versions at Amazon have gone too.

Perhaps it is a technical thing. When a book goes out of print copies are still on bookshop shelves and can be bought as long as stocks last. With electronic editions maybe a switch is flicked and they go straight away.

I have written to the publisher and hope to be able to clear up this point soon.

26th November 2010

All eight double-novels are now available on the Amazon Kindle platform and for sale on the UK store.
Being limited by the hardware I have, I’ve only tried the Apple Mac and Android phone readers because I don’t have access to an actual Kindle. It was interesting how the font size could be altered for easy reading in different conditions and the background could be inverted to give light characters on a dark background if required.

Sadly the books only feature a small icon-sized rendition of the cover which appears on your desktop library shelf but not on the reader. Although perfectly serviceable it does detract slightly from the overall experience. Still, overall, this is a pleasant, portable reading opportunity. Once your library is of some size it’s clear that carrying just one, thin, paperback-book-sized object is much easier than a whole stack.

All eight Bagley double-books are available for slightly less money than the paperbacks, but it is only pence. This surprised me somewhat but the delivery was only seconds and I was able to read straight away so it has it’s advantages. Even more so with the 3G capable Kindle because you can order books “over the air” requiring no computer to download at all.


They were also available from Waterstone’s UK in the ePub format for their Sony readers but I can no-longer find them listed.

1st August 2010


Long-time acquaintance and all round Good-Egg - Michael Davies - has been toiling away to produce a viable screenplay for one of Bagley’s main-period masterpieces. Tightrope is the name and of course it’s an adaptation of The Tightrope Men.

I’ve been privileged enough to read it and can confirm it is a rip-roaring, bang-up-to-date reworking of the tale which has, thankfully, been set in the original locations. Where appropriate the technology used is convincingly 21st century, something I’m sure Bagley himself would have approved of.

All in all an adventure it would be great to see on either big or small screen. It is about time our favourite author made a renaissance and Michael is the man to help make this happen.

I do know that people in the right places have seen this work and have a feeling it is only a matter of time before it is snapped up!

Michael is man of many talents, being consummate actor, musician and writer. He has his own web-site bristling with ideas, energy and his own unique take on the subjects he holds dear.

Go take a look:
Michael Davies

30th November 2009

The Second half of the eight novels, in four books, are:


Amazon UK has them all listed and they are available at any bookstore, to order, if not yet on the shelves.

Go buy some!!

Here are the titles:

As before each has a valuable extra at the back to give you a broader feel for the author.

25th June 2009
The first eight novels, in four books, are:
Amazon UK has them listed at only £5.99 per book - an amazing bargain for newly published twin-sets like these. They are all in stock.
Go buy some!!

18th June 2009
There really is no excuse now not to go and place that order for one or more of these splendid books at your favourite book-store, whether on-line or on the corner.
Want more convincing? Read on ...
The first four books, containing eight novels, each come with a valuable "extra".
The Tightrope Men and The Enemy comes with an official Harper-Collins press release from March 1973 which outlines Bagley's achievements and gives valuable insight into how he was perceived 36 years ago at the begining of the 1970's in a world dominated by news stories of the two-day working week...
The Golden Keel and The Vivero Letter contains a Postscript written by the author himself in 1979 explaining how he researched and wrote his novels. A marvellously intimate insight.
Running Blind and The Freedom Trap contains a short story entitled A Matter of Months which was produced as a favour for the editor of the Winter's Crimes 8 (1976) anthology of mystery writing. It's a police procedural whodunnit - something the author didn't usually touch.
Flyaway and Windfall contains the short piece Bagley wrote in April 1977 about the attempted assassination in 1960 of the south African politician Hendrik Vervoerd - “The Circumstances Surrounding the Crime".

It's hard to emphasise what a great event this is in the Bagley calendar. Only a few minor publications for libraries, book-clubs and the odd compilation have appeared since the final Juggernaut blockbuster of 1984. In 2009 we are privileged that Harper-Collins recognise the quality and value of this world-class author who stayed with them loyally throughout his career.

The quality of the latest publication run is exactly the same as the other blockbusters HC have on the shelves at the moment so they have not stinted in their appreciation of this former best-seller and valued asset.

Go do your duty!

1st May 2009
Artwork for the first 8 novels is in:

21st March 2009
For some time work has been going on in the background to re-introduce the world to the adventure and excitement of the Bagley pantheon.
This year, on the 25th June 2009, Harper Collins - Bagley’s original publisher - are publishing four new books, each containing two novels.
The titles are:
The Golden Keel and The Vivero Letter
Running Blind and The Freedom Trap
The Tightrope Men and The Enemy
Flyaway and Windfall
Each book also contains a unique “extra” that makes it worthwhile buying the books all over again even if you already own an original copy of the stories. I actually helped source this extra material.
Later this year the remaining 8 novels will also be published - date to be confirmed.

12th June 2008
- It’s Alive!!!
Sounds like something from a Mary Shelly novel, perhaps. But no, it’s just a long-awaited update to the Desmond Bagley web-site.
For the moment I think I should consider this a “Beta” version, until I get all the links resolved and sorted...
Watch This Space!!

12th April 2008
- Today was the 25th anniversary of Desmond Bagley’s death. To mark this "significant number" work has begun properly on the site's rewrite. New ways to browse the Internet - such as iPhones and other sophisticated portable technology - have given great pause for thought. The present site, though lacking in the sparkle and content of modern web-presences, does in fact render quite well on this new generation of miniature browsers. Another vital task is to reintroduce the great reading public to our esteemed author. No one is currently publishing anything at all, so some form of campaign needs to be started to get things going again... All in all a real watch-this-space situation. I'll see what I can do!! :).