Like any well-established author Bagley had other works to his name besides the novels. There are three published short stories and a few factual pieces. The ones I have unearthed so far are:  

My Old Man's Trumpet (1957)

The House Of The Lions (1965)

A Matter Of Months (1976)

And magazine articles: -

The Circumstances Surrounding The Crime (1977)

A Little Peace Of Britain (1980)


As well as his own work, Bagley also contributed an introduction to Crime Wave - World’s Winning Crime Stories 1981


At the time of the author’s death it is known there were many other projects which had been started but not finished to a state his wife and agent thought complete enough to publish. Tantalisingly there are purported to be 10 or 11 unfinished novels and a few science-fiction short-stories.