Developments at the Menie Links

There follows a photo diary of developments at the Menie Estate from 2008 to the present. I have more shots should you need any.
November 2008 - untouched
November 2009
January 2010
May 2010 - the marram is planted. All of the holes are marked out. Some roads firmed up.
end of July 2010 - the marram has greened up in the blowout. Note that the big area of sand at the north of the site is untouched as yet. There is a digger parked up - still making roads. One or two areas have been bulldozed but very little course construction has taken place after nearly a month of supposed activity. One obvious problem seems to be drainage. If they don't get motoring soon there's no way this course will be ready in early 2012 as promised.
By the end of August 2010 - little change though two areas have been flattened and the marram planting looks to have worked. One area of bulldozing has happened near Mr Forbes' farm and the other is up at the north end of the course. The fixed dunes in the slack are pretty much untouched. There is one cropped area (see photo) - not sure who is responsible. On a windy day like this one you really understand that the dunes are mobile. It's a spectacular place but on a summer day like this one the course would have been unplayable.
The following photos are from early October 2010 - this represents the biggest step in construction since things started.
The following shots are from mid Novemeber 2010 - very little change on the golf course from the last time which now has a rather shabby look about it.
The following shots are from the end of March 2011. The tees have appeared in many areas and you can 'see' some of the holes. Hermit Point has had conifers planted in front. No real change at Forbes' farm.
By mid May 2011 the turf on the tees had started to be laid - quite startling green fescues. Some bunkers have been opened. The dome area has been heavily excavated.
late July 2011
October 2011 - fairways lightly greened up and ready for the winter. The greenish foamy look on the sand suggests to me that the sand has been hydroseeded - the seed sprayed on with mulch, organic matter and fertiliser. Greens and tees well embedded. The course has a nearly finished look about it.
March 2012 - the foundation for the starters hut seems to be in place and everything is well greened up. Some areas hydroseeded and others turfed.
Easter 2012 - new temporary clubhouse started
June 2012 - Well, just over a week until the course opens. The temporary clubhouse is complete. These photos are from the last day of June 2012.
July 14th 2012 - a calm night on the eve of the opening to the public.
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