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Australia was settled by the British in 1788, but had been chronicled as long ago as 1522.  The Colonies of New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia all issued their own stamps in the years before 1901 when the Federation was formed. The various states continued to use their own stamps though, up until the end of 1912.

I am not a dealer; the stamps you will see here are the duplicates from my collection.

When you have made your selections, mail me. Include details of your preferred payment method and whether you want your stamps sent registered mail, (advisable in some countries - unregistered mail sometimes goes astray .

I will accept payment by cheque drawn on a UK bank, UK postal order, cash, (sent unregistered at your own risk!) or for transactions values up to 20.00, Paypal, . After reading of the various buying scams which Paypal seem unwilling or unable to prevent I am not prepared to risk greater losses than that. 

Upon receipt of your mail, I will confirm your selections are still available and e-mail you back with an invoice which will include packing and postage costs. Make no payment until you have received my invoice. Your goods will be despatched once payment has been received and funds have cleared, (allow 5 working days).

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