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Dear Editor
Your item in the February issue about Lake Meadows has reminded me of  my excitement on 20th December last year, when walking through the park on my way to the High Street, to see a pair of mandarin ducks on the lake, just a few yards from the children's playground. Later that day, I returned with my daughter, but the ducks had already flown, However, while walking round the lake to try to find them, we were amazed to see a male peacock, in all his finery, showing off to a pair of moorhens. As a keen birdwatcher, I find that Lake Meadows is always full of surprises and always well worth a visit, a quiet haven between the railways station and the light industrial area.
We are very fortunate to have this small park so close to the town centre, with its walks through the trees, its lawns and greenery, its sporting areas and, of course, its ever-popular children’s play area. So my thanks, both to the council and to the voluntary working parties, who do so much to keep it an attractive facility for us residents of Billericay.

With kind regards,
Alan Waddoups

Dear Editor
I have been encouraged by friends to let you know about the beautiful patch of green in Huntsmead which is covered in crocuses   About 15 years ago I put a few bulbs on the green and they have been added to over the years. It has been like a small community project. There are probably in the region of 3000 there now.  They are much appreciated by all and seem to discourage litter which I have often seen on other grass verges.

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