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Billericay Residents' Association rejects building on green belt

Billericay District Residents’ Association opposes Basildon Council’s plans to build 1,740 houses on nine Green Belt sites around the town. The BDRA has responded to Basildon Council’s Consultation Draft Local Plan document on behalf of its 4,500 member households. It has told the Council that special or exceptional circumstances required by government policy to justify redefining Green Belt boundaries have not been identified. 

Another big concern to BDRA members is infrastructure enhancement. Proposed new housing would add about 4,500 people to a town that is already at capacity. The Local Plan’s infrastructure proposals are too vague and are not fully funded. No new schools nor GP surgeries are planned for Billericay. Only limited highway and traffic improvements are mentioned, none of them in the north part of the town. Nothing firm is said about improving the train service for commuters, and lack of car parking spaces at the station and in the town centre is another worry that is not addressed. Infrastructure should be in place before additional homes are built – not left to chance.

BDRA members want the majority of the new homes to be affordable for young and retired buyers. They would also like to see more attention given to flood risks, the introduction of allotments to Billericay, and designation of specific open spaces.

Following this Public Consultation, the Council will re-issue the Local Plan later this year. BDRA will continue to oppose and campaign against aspects of the Plan which would damage the quality of life in Billericay.