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We mentioned in the March  "Resident" that rubber strips are appearing all over the place, but this has now been taking to a new extreme with temporary cameras as well! We have had a look at these, and it seems that they are part of a traffic survey process which is taking place all over Billericay.
At the moment, we do not know the reason for this intensive traffic survey process - our speculation is that it is associated with the emerging Basildon Local Plan, because we have argued strongly that the road infrastructure in Billericay is inadequate for the 1,000s of new houses which may be proposed in the plan. Clearly if an intensive traffic study is taking place with rubber strips all over the town and cameras as well, the results will inform the decisions of the ability of Billericay to accommodate additional housing.

These details are to see if anyone is interested in being part of a speedwatch team in Billericay. This is about visibility, raising awareness and gathering data.
John has a letter from the Community Speed Watch co-ordinator in Essex detailing the requirements for a new CSW team.
There would be a team leader who takes responsibility for the group and their activities.
At least 6 eager volunteers prepared to undergo training and carry out regular roadside activities at a number of sites in the Billericay area (not just in their street). Where possible CSW groups work in threes at the roadside.
A limited number of speed guns are available on loan to groups with signage and hi-vis jackets. Roadside activities take place at sites evaluated and approved by the police and training is provided to all volunteers. Working with the police activity logs are actioned and followed up with letters and a knock at the door where necessary.
Anyone interested in this community project please contact John Buchanan on 01277 656715 or
Just as a point of interest from the East area secretary, speeding drivers will face much higher fines and stricter penalties as new guidelines come into effect from 24 April. Drivers most likely to be affected are those caught at between 31 and 40mph in a 30mph zone; they will get three penalty points and a fine of between 25 and 75 per cent of their weekly income. Currently many drivers get away without points and a fine by paying for a speed awareness course.