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Committee News

East and Burstead Committee

Passingham Close Play Area  Phil Turner has not responded to our email concerning problems with drug dealing etc at this open space. Kay Twitchen is now said to be involved. Similar complaints were reported about Lake Meadows and flytipping in Wick Country Park; Lake Meadows gates are now being locked.
Speeding in Greens Farm Lane 
Following discussions between ECC officers and Cllrs Twitchen and Hedley the possibility of a variable 20mph limit is being examined. A speed survey has been carried out and we await results.
New Village Sign  ECC has approved in principle the VC’s proposed location. The design, size and materials to be used are yet to be agreed.
Noak Hill Road  We wrote to Borough and County councillors expressing opposition to the suggestion that the grass verge to the east of Noak Hill Road between Kennel Lane and Southend Road be used to supplement car parking for the town. Cllr Hedley responded as follows: “The proposed scheme is currently being evaluated by Essex Highways local panel and the issues you raise will be taken into account.  I should add that the main reason for looking at this option was road safety…. the multi-storey approach is interesting but unlikely to be forthcoming unless private investment is found and landowners agreeable to release their assets for development”.
Bus Shelters  Both of the missing bus shelters in Thynne Road have been replaced: the one at Mons Avenue end with a Basildon Council tin-top shelter, and the one at the GFL end with an ECC urban style shelter. The shelter in Southend Road opposite The King’s Head has been replaced but the shelter in Valley Road is still missing.

Len Turner Plaque & Benches
on the Green.  GBSG Village Council has decided it would make more sense to pay Basildon Council to purchase benches and install them on site.
Assets of Community Value 
The Green at South Green has been approved as an ACV and added to the list maintained by Basildon. The nomination to include Langham Hall will soon be ready to submit for consideration, followed by the SG Memorial Hall.
Christmas Lights  Following a meeting with officers of ECC Highways it was agreed that rope lights wrapped around the 3 lamp posts at South Green rather than motifs hanging from the columns would be satisfactory.  The new LED lights in the trees would be the same as last year. To date approval is still outstanding, but the Village Council decided to set a switch-on date of 5 December and inform the contractor and ECC.
Barratt Development The drop-in event at Billericay School to publicise the Barratt plan to build 180 houses at South Green was well attended but provided little information on their proposals. Residents expressed major concerns about the impact on local infrastructure, traffic, schools and flooding risks as well as loss of Green Belt.
Essex Police 
In an effort to save 60m over the next 5 years the number of PCSOs will be reduced by 190. The police estate will be reduced from 80 to 30 buildings strategically placed around Essex; currently there are 25 police stations with front counters in Essex and the plan is to reduce this number to 10 front counters by April 2016. The Billericay station will be closed.
GP Services  Under a trial scheme financed by the Government, Basildon and Brentwood Clinical Commissioning Group is rolling out seven-day access to surgeries in the area. Seven Billericay surgeries have signed up to the scheme, which is based on three ‘hub’ clinics, one at Noak Bridge Medical Centre, one at Ballards Walk in Basildon and the third at Basildon Hospital. Patients will be able to make an appointment between 8am and 8pm at the weekend by phoning their usual surgery number; during the week the service will also be available between 6.30pm and 8pm from Noak Bridge and Ballards Walk.


Christmas Market  Sunday 6 Dec.
2016 AGM  Wednesday 18 May, Archer Hall. Suggestions for the guest presentation are requested.
BDRA Anniversary  In 2016/17 it will be the 90 years since the Association was founded.  The plan is to celebrate with several milestones, achieving extra publicity, rather than a single event.

West Committee

The problems of traffic speeding in Stock Road was raised
For information there were Community Speeding Watch groups throughout
Essex.  Local residents were given training and equipment in order to make
Traffic surveys but they could only report offenders to the police who sent a
letter warning the offender.  If a second offence was reported a stronger
letter was sent.
It was decided that a letter should be written to Kay Twitchen to find out more details
of the CSW groups.
2016 AGM
The date and venue had been arranged.  The AGM would be at
The Archer Hall, Emmanuel Church on Wednesday, 18 May. The
topic and speaker had not yet been agreed.  It was felt that one topic which would be of interest was the Basildon Council Consultation on planning.

First Strokes / Swimming Pool
Concern was voiced about the condition of the Billericay Swimming Pool.
 Many of the lockers are not serviceable e.g. doors not closing
properly and locks broken.
The chair lift to assist disabled people and those with special needs in and out of the pool had been condemned and cannot be used.
 The condition of the building generally is poor and needs to be refurbished. The cost of using these poor facilities was high when compared to the pool in Basildon which was well appointed.

It was  suggested that this was a topic the BDRA could pursue if all the facts and
figures of cost etc were known.  This is to be referred to the Executive
Committee to obtain agreement for this topic being taken up as an issue.
One member said he was willing to do the research and would obtain comparative
figures of costs and facilities available.

Membership Administration

BDRA have 5 membership secretaries who take responsibility for separate parts of the town – East, Burstead, Queens Park, South Green and West. At present they run their own areas as separate entities however so that the Executive Committee can have an overall view of membership and put together a strategy to increase membership they discuss invited to come to our November meeting to talk about how we can help them work together to provide an accurate record of our members which will give a picture of where are members are and where the gaps in membership are.
3 membership secretaries came and agreed to our idea of having an Executive Membership Secretary (see our job advert) and whilst waiting for someone to be appointed to meet with a couple of our EXCO committee members to start thinking about how they can work together, not duplicating work, sharing best practice, and offering the same support to road reps.