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Borough Diary Delivery
When did you last have a copy of the Borough Diary delivered through your letter-box?  I realised recently that I hadn't had one since the special Local Plan edition in January - so I'd missed three!  (Fortunately, I had picked up copies at the Library.)

Further enquiries revealed that 9 out of 11 of the other members of the NWS Committee didn't receive the Autumn edition.  This suggests widespread non-delivery.

I have been in touch with Cllr Schrader who has contacted the Council's Communications Department and they are taking the issue up with the Contractor they use.  He has asked that anyone else who doesn't get Borough Diary on a regular basis should contact him (
). With their postal address.

P Hudson.
Thanks for this Paul I haven’t received one since March and as you say the Council pays a distributor. Ed.

Dear Editor,
I enjoy reading the Resident and as I have just retired have been particularly interested in your Money matters page. I have seen a number of articles which refer to Lasting Power of Attorney and wondered if your readers realised that it is not difficult to log on to the office of the Public Guardian via and fill in the forms needed. The site is very clear and holds your hand through the process.  You can,of course, use a solicitor but don’t need to and doing it yourself saves money.

Your sincerely

K. Juniper
Thanks for this Kay it is a coincidence that one of this month’s articles is about LPAs. Good timing  Ed.

Radford Way

Does anyone know the details of the management company  for the shops in Radford Way as Basildon Planning do not. You can see by the attached photo that the dangerous railing needs to be repaired.