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Billericay Tomorrow.  The Local Plan

Basildon Borough Council’s latest edition of the Local Plan is now available and a consultation period which expires in March is an opportunity for local residents to put forward their views on the plan.

BDRA is putting together a response and would welcome your comments which will be considered as part of the response. Details of how you can do this are at the bottom of this article.

The plan is 350 pages long and covers all the development and growth requirements of Basildon Borough for the period from 2014 to 2034 .The following is an overview of the key points which cover the proposed development in Billericay.


Allocation policies identify the specific locations where development and change will occur. In order to ensure that development occurs in a way which supports the vision and objectives, criteria have been developed for each allocation, setting out the types of development which may occur, and any mitigation and infrastructure provision necessary to support development, including phasing its delivery.
An Infrastructure Delivery Plan has been prepared to identify the infrastructure required to support the new homes and additional employment land within the Borough.

The Council intends to use previously developed land in urban areas where it is suitable
for development purposes. Suitable Greenfield land will also need to be developed in urban areas,
where the necessary services and infrastructure are available. This is estimated to deliver 6,500 - 7,000 homes and 35 - 38ha of industrial land.

To accommodate the remainder of the growth, the Green Belt has been reviewed to make
provision for around 8,000 to 8,500 new homes and 11 to 14ha of employment land. The review attempts to ensure that the purpose of the wider Green Belt is maintained, and that those parts of the Green Belt of higher landscape and/or ecological value are protected where possible,

The proposed
Housing Development Sites in Billericay are:

19ha of land north of Potash Road to provide around 150 homes
5.4ha of land west of Tye Common Road to provide around 160 homes
5.8ha of land south of London Road to provide around 180 homes
7ha of land west of Mountnessing Road to provide around 280 homes
11ha of land east of Frithwood Lane to provide around 330 homes
2.5ha of land south of Windmill Heights to provide around 70 homes
2.5ha of land west of Kennel Lane to provide around 70 homes
9.4ha of land east of Greens Farm Lane to provide around 280 homes
7ha of land east of Southend Road to provide around 220 homes
The diagram gives you an indication of all the sites.

The Draft Local Plan can be viewed online at:
 Copies can be viewed at the Council Offices and in local libraries. There will also be a series of public meetings at which the Draft Local Plan will be discussed.
A programme of these meetings can be viewed online at:
You can comment online at: by email to: or by post to Planning Policy at Basildon Centre.

To let  BDRA know your views email with any comments by 19 February so they can be taken into account. The area committees are having a special meeting on 24th February to formulate the views before using the professional services of a planning consultant to put together our response. These proposals have far ranging implications for the people of Billericay and District please let us know your views.

We will keep you updated on our dedicated Local Plan web page, Click here to find it.