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A month in the life of ....
A BDRA Membership Secretary

24th Feb
Wow its already the last Friday in the month
Note to self that the Resident will be being delivered to Maralyn and John from the printers and I am likely to receive copies this weekend.
Last month I gave all my road reps updated lists for their rounds, new subs cards and a few reminder cards for when they are collecting the subs.

25th Feb.
John has brought the copies I need to count out and deliver to my road reps. I have 2 extra members so I’ll put a note in Jenny’s round as they are in the road she already does.

March 15th..
Must let Chris, the editor of the Resident know that Arthur Blenkinsop  is unable to continue to deliver the Resident because at 90 he has decided to put his feet up. She can put in a request for a new road rep for his 30 houses.

March 16th
Have just sent an email to the executive committee secretary to let him know about Arthur retiring so he can add BDRAs thanks to mine for all the work Arthur has done. He will organise a thank you card.

March 21st
Sally has just called to say that she and James are going to their place in Spain at the beginning of April and her next door neighbour has kindly said she will deliver April’s Resident. If not I could have done it for April.

March 22nd
Margaret has been round with a cheque for the subs on her round.  She is always the first as she says that when it is colder it is easier to find people in to collect their subs. One person on her round has moved but she put a magazine in for the new people so hopefully they will want to be members. I will need to update the spreadsheet when I get a minute.

March 23rd
I popped to the bank when I was in town to put Margaret’s cheque in. I must email Peter to let him know that I have made a deposit.

This could be you

2 East Area Membership Secretaries
If you live near the Bridles Estate or the other side of Norsey Road,  which makes up our East Area please consider being a BDRA membership secretary. It will take about two hours a month to organise the membership administration and distribution of the Resident .IT skills are needed which cover emails, road lists and records. There are systems in place ready to hand over.
For more details please contact John Buchanan on 01277 656715 or