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Dear Editor
Speed Humps
I have noted with interest the comments about speeding and looking for solutions. When looking for a solution it can sometimes cause an extra problem for motorists. For example I was reading about the damage that speed humps can cause which are higher than 100mm and longer than 4 metres. I think that can be said for the humps in Little Burstead. It doesn’t matter how slowly you approach them they can damage your suspension and the inside of your wheels. All I ask is that if anything is achieved to slow down traffic can it be checked as a solution which does not damage cars and cause extra expense for drivers.
Name and address supplied.

Trees and the local plan
Dear Editor,
This is not the place to make the case that trees are fundamentally good for their aesthetic appeal, their production of oxygen and extraction of pollutants, a condominium for wildlife plus a host of other benefits to us residents. Many of us are well aware of their advantages.
But it is the place to say that never before have our mature trees, mainly oaks,  been so vulnerable. The Local Plan has peppered our town, in and around, with many sites for proposed New Build. Here is where the danger lies. What we need is assurance that what trees can be worked into the developer’s and architect’s site plans should be.
Yours sincerely
John Smart
Let’s keep an eye on this as we find out the proposals within the Local Plan ed.

Any enthusiasts out there?
I am researching the history of a much campaigned TVR Tuscan V8, which in the early '70's was owned and raced at the Pod, and maybe other tracks, by Bill Marshall.

The only evidence I have so far is hearsay, plus a picture of the car at Santa Pod, attached, in full steam, found on 'theaccelerationarchive' website. I am hoping that there is a lot more detail out there.

Any additional information about entries, dates, times etc would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Nick Godridge.
07940 563 427