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Welcome to March's Resident

Don’t wait until it happens and then act surprised.
This edition is a challenge to you on a number of fronts. One is about the future of Billericay and the other the future of the BDRA
Yes if there is a crisis we respond and we are very good at pulling together however when something creeps up on us which will clearly have an impact we seem to be less proactive. We will hear about all the sites being released for building and not notice much change initially as it is a plan which takes us to 2034. So gradually different areas will be impacted upon as spaces are filled in and areas of housing  become denser we will all be affected. The process is clearly outlined on page 11 so be prepared to join us when we challenge the soundness of the Plan.

92 Years
In one form or another there has been a Resident’s Association in Billericay. We are having more and more difficulty in filling positions. We have been trying for over a year to get two secretaries which has meant that the few active people are doing more than one job. If and when they leave we have 2 roles to replace and not one.If you value what we are trying to do and can give some time please get in touch. A list of the vacancies is on page 11.

Local Plan. The Challenge to the Fifteen
Basildon Council,as one of the fifteen Council’s contacted for not yet producing a Local Plan ,have replied to the Secretary of State who has challenged the slowness of their delivery of the Local Plan and threatened government intervention.
The Secretary of State has been reassured that it is the Council’s intention to meet on 22nd March to consider the recommended plan submitted to them by the IDG Committee and hopefully approve it for submission.  They are hoping that this negates any intervention.  It will certainly be the incentive they need to move their plan on and it will be then when BDRA will be taking further action on behalf of their members. The level of development which is being proposed has not been seen in Billericay  for decades.

Financial Matters
I found both the articles on page 5 very interesting this month. The tax free benefits outlined by Steve from the Independent Financial Advice Centre and Grandparents rights in the Birkett Long article. Both of these are close to my heart they may be worth a read for you.


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