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This Month's Topics

Welcome to October’s Resident from the Association which aims to give its members a voice. 

This month I am reflecting on what BDRA, its committees and magazine offers you as a resident of Billericay and its environs i.e. the wonderful people of the villages of Great and Little Burstead.
Issues about expansion, development, the protection of our green spaces, our facilities, planning, the services we need and use is an overview of the subjects discussed at our East, West and Central Committees on a monthly basis.  Our connections with District, Town and Village Councils keep us in the loop of changes being proposed and made.
Speakers at our AGM bring clarity to things which affect us and we can be part of e.g. a voice about housing issues, hearing about Crossrail and its impact on us, our 90th anniversary exhibition and being part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations.
This magazine keeps you up to date with key issues, letters from residents, clubs and a whole host of events for you to go to.  Page 2 is highlighting a new play by Stock Drama Group and musical events for young and old. This month on page 7 I am focussing on the Cater Museum’s exhibition at the Reading Rooms in conjunction with the Western Front Society on 21st October from 2-5 and then a talk at 7.00 ( free to all).
 If you are new to the area then the advertisers offer you a choice of services which cover many household needs.

My particular star of the month is Gary Mander, a computer technician who has helped me to protect my computer from spy and malware with products he knows works and are free to use.
Thanks Gary
If you would like to go on a trip page 12 has a wonderful selection of places you can go. This month there is the opportunity to book on a 6 day break to Yorkshire and a visit to the Houses of Parliament followed by a carvery meal.
We regularly keep you updated on the Local Plan which will impact on us all in a big way. We are keen to try to ensure that the infrastructure issues are given high priority when new housing comes online. Our latest update is on page 3.

Something you can do

If you are receiving this magazine for the first time and haven’t joined us then please take the action outlined in the note attached to it. If you are already a member and someone new has moved into your road or block of flats then could you give them your copy of the magazine ( once you have read it and booked your coach trip!) as a welcome. Let us know if you need any extra copies (  We are looking forward to welcoming new members to BDRA in the coming month.

Copy Dates for "Resident"

If readers wish to advertise an event or have an article printed in the newsletter the item should be submitted to the Editor by the 15th of the month before publication:

Chris Wade
12a Tyrone Close
Great Burstead
Billericay CM11 2RX

or e-mail
If an event is to be held before the 10th of the month then, to ensure circulation, the advertisement should be in the previous month's issue, e.g. an event taking place on the 3 May should be advertised in the April issue. Similarly if an event is scheduled for September then the advertisement should appear in the July issue.