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This Month's Topics

Welcome to the last Resident of 2017 and the first of 2018. Thank you to all those volunteers who deliver the Resident, serve on committees, the membership secretaries, the road reps and the coach organisers. Without you all we would not be in our 92nd year.

As another year comes to an end in common with many people it seems appropriate to review significant features.. The local Plan has been uppermost in our minds as our Billericay Councillors have less and less influence on the Council and our confidence in the workings of the Council are diminishing. We have lobbied our MP joined together with BAG and the Billericay Society to bring more weight to our concerns about the future development of the town and district. Then we end the year with the uncertainty of all and any proposed sites still being in the pot.  

Redrow Homes seem to be confident they are going to be building on the Mountnessing road site as they have already started preliminary work. Also their sponsorship of a Basildon event shows they’re continuing confidence.

To pay for the proposed SW Billericay relief road it doesn’t take a maths wizard to work out that the number of houses will need to be increased.
 BDRA is being proactive to lobby and challenge to get as many voices as possible to question what is going on. If you have any information which you think would be helpful then please let me know.  Having nearly 5000 households with their eyes open and their ears to the ground has to be a great benefit.

Elizabeth Cottage is still a blot on the landscape. Planning has been refused so it  continues to deteriorate before our eyes. If anyone knows the developer we think it would be a good idea to put up some hoardings with a photo of Elizabeth Cottage in its former glory and the plan for its future.

This month’s star is Frank Copper who has distributed Residents for the last 13 years ably supported by his wife and is sad to have to give up.  He is even sadder that no-one has responded to our request to take over from Frank. Unless someone helps with the distribution of bundles of Residents to road reps in Mountnessing area and Gooseberry Green  about 135 houses will not get their Resident. All for the sake of an hour to an hour and a half  ten times a year. If you can help please contact Hilary on 01277 625807

To run an association like ours we also need a Membership Secretary for East Area to keep records of the members in the area and liaise with the road reps. If you can help please contact John on 01277 656715
We also need a secretary for the main committee.

We have tried for a year to get someone to join us in these roles which has meant that the few of us are having to double up. I have appealed for volunteers for the whole year to no avail so now is the time for it to change as the year changes.

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