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Watch our video showing aerial views of the main Green Belt (and indeed green field) sites proposed for housing in the Local Plan.

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Welcome to May's Resident

This Month's Topics


The diagram above shows you the placement and extent of the new housing. Also there are updates on pages 2 and 11 and an invitation to a meeting on May 5th. There will be a leaflet drop to all houses for which we already have some volunteers. If you want to be added to the list please make contact

You will see from this edition of the Resident that there are many unanswered questions about the Local Plan which need to be clarified.  One of the things we are trying to do is to make you aware of the extent of the plan, its impact on Billericay and inevitably its impact on everyone. If you live in Queen’s Park you will not see new estates on your doorstep but the impact of the growth of the town will affect you.  No-one will be spared from its ramifications.
There are two meetings planned. One on 5th May to come to the Reading Rooms (9-4) to see the extent of the proposed housing.  3,500 more houses represent an expansion of 25% over the duration of the plan.
Another is proposed for 16th June (9-4) also at the Reading Rooms which is anticipated to coincide with the consultation period.  The Planning Inspectorate will be interested in public opinion about the plan so it is vital that you come along and provide it.

AGM – 23rd May  Green Belt under threat in Billericay
Paul Miner from CPRE will be addressing this issue at the AGM.
On a practical note the car park behind the shops next to the WI Hall now charges 3 for 2 hours, after which there is a 50 fine. There is an ANPR camera there. Our advice is to park in Waitrose car park or in the main car park.

Your Privacy and knowing who holds your data
This sounds as though it may be dull however it is an important change which some may know about which is important to us all. Who reads the small print when they sign up to things? I know I don’t always but having read the article on page 7 I am going to be more careful. I asked Elizabeth a question about how to find out what information companies hold and her reply was:
‘It would very much depend on the company you are dealing with. Every company needs to have a Privacy Policy which is either held online via their website or provided to customers through mailings. In the Privacy Policy, it will state how you can make a request.’

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