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Committee News

Keep Billericay Clean
In response to the list of sites where we had noted significant litter issues Billericay Town Council informed us that they had contacted Connells regarding the cigarette butts outside their premises and it turned out that the culprits were customers of Wildwood, so the Town Clerk has also contacted the management of Wildwood to offer butt boxes and draw their attention to the problem.
Basildon Council has increased their litter picking outside Billericay School and the pupils have been reminded not to drop their rubbish.

We agreed to send 100 to Billericay Town Council for the Billericay in Bloom hanging baskets.
We will be sponsoring the Punch and Judy Show at Summerfest on Sunday 12th July from 11am – 5pm on Sun Corner

This year we are sponsoring Jazz in the Park 2015 which is being organised by the Friends of Lake Meadows on Saturday 18th July. It will be a free evening of music from 4:30 to 7 pm featuring The Daisy Bowlers performing music from the 20s through the 50s and
Nimrod Margalit and his band.

Demolition of outbuildings and partial demolition of the rear of the pub, retaining the front portion.
Construction of a 2.5 storey (3 floors) extension to the rear of the pub and conversion to 8 residential flats. Construction of 2 storey building with accommodation in mansard roof to provide 5 residential flats, 16 car parking spaces and retained landscaping (total of 7 x 2 bed flats and 6 x 1 bed flats) at 2 Sun Street – The Rising Sun.
This was granted planning permission subject to a S106 agreement requiring a financial contribution towards off-site affordable housing and subject to various conditions including inward opening main gates set back 11 metres from the carriageway, improvements to the passenger transport infrastructure at the two nearest bus stops in Laindon Road and London Road and one communal discreetly positioned satellite dish per building

Change of use from manufacturing building (Use Class B2) to convenience store (Use Class A1), including the installation of a new shopfront, ATM, associated plant equipment and associated works including new car parking and access arrangements at Hamber Safes Radford Way Billericay Essex CM12 0EG. This is for a Sainsbury’s Local store and will be discussed at the new group meeting in West Area.

East and Burstead
Speeding in Greens Farm Lane

We contacted Tony Hedley regarding the concerns of Mike Simmonds over 
traffic speed – he finds it difficult to get out of his drive  and considers the road to be highly dangerous.
Subsequently, a David Ascott contacted Kay Twitchen with the same complaint. She replied as follows:  Yours
is not the only email I have had about the speed of traffic in Greens Farm Lane and I know that my colleague,
Tony Hedley, who is the other County Councillor for Billericay, has had similar approaches.  It is clearly a
persistent problem and if the speed activated sign is not working sufficiently well then we need to try to find
another solution. Engineering solutions - speed bumps, narrowing of the road - would not be considered on
what is effectively a through road.  So I will talk to Tony Hedley about the two of us together making a fresh
approach to the police and see if we can get some support for a speed camera.  If we can, there will then be
funding issues so this will not be a quick fix, but I will talk to Tony and try to get the ball rolling. 

Southwood Court recycling facility
Following further complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour related to the Southwood Court Recycling
facility, the Village Council has said to Basildon Council that “the site should be removed to enhance the area, stop
duplication of effort in collecting local waste and allow more parking at the local shops”.  Also there is the consideration of the questionnaire sent to local residents about how much they use the facility.

Langham Hall
Due to problems around the hall which have been reported by hirers the Trustees are working with the Police to find a satisfactory solution to
the problem and CCTV cameras at a cost of 3,000 are being installed in the hall and the car park in an
attempt to beef up security. The system is capable of being linked into the Internet which means that video
evidence can be accessed by both Basildon Council and the local police.

Town Council   Jim Devlin is the new Chairman. Jo Clark continues as Vice Chairman.

Basildon Council   There is cross-party support for proposals for the borough to become a unitary authority.
This would give the council control over services such as highways and schools, presently dealt with by ECC.

Community Cinema 
ECC wants to make better use of Burghstead Lodge, and there are proposals to use the
premises to show two films a month, one for adults and one for children. Ticket prices are anticipated to be
3 for children, 6 for adults, 7 for a family.