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Our Councillors


As a result of the rapid development which was taking place in Billericay the two Residents’ Associations decided it was necessary to have representations on the District Council.

Consequently an election committee was formed to contest the Billericay Ward and at a second attempt the first RA councillor was elected to District Council in May 1961.
Further successes followed with four more RA candidates being elected in consecutive elections.


Probably the highlight of the Association’s life occurred in 1979 when its candidates on the District Council elections won all nine seats and thus held the balance of power in the Council Chambers, for three years, and the offices of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council during that period.

In addition it was represented in the County Council in Chelmsford.

There are no longer Councillors in either District or County Councils.


The fortunes of the Association suffered a temporary reversal in the period 1965/67 when there were no RA representatives on Basildon District Council. However by the time the plan for the development of Queens Park was published in 1967, two RA candidates had been elected to the District Council.



A group of Billericay people, including BDRA, formed a Steering Committee which ran the successful campaign for the creation of Billericay Town Council and the nearby parish councils.
In 1997 the new parishes of Billericay, Great Burstead & South Green, Little Burstead, Ramsden Crays and Ramsden Bellhouse were established.