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Lake Meadows... The Jewel in the Crown

Lake Meadows, known as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Billericay, attracts hundreds of visitors each week, who enjoy the peaceful surroundings and different features of the park.

Although the original farmland was owned by the Spitty family for most of the 19th century, it was Billericay Urban District Council, under Chairman Henry E Bebington, who had the amazing foresight to buy the land in 1935 for just £1,400 (about £90K in today’s terms). Within a year, ‘the Moat’, as it had previously been known, became Lake Meadows and was officially opened on Saturday July 11th 1936.  

Over the years, various facilities were added, including an outdoor swimming pool dug by hand by volunteers, a children’s paddling pool, the café and boats on the lake,

 manned by the boat keeper Alec Taylor. In 1955, the management of the park became the responsibility of Basildon Council and a team of park keepers took over, led by Reg King who worked in the park for over 35 years, planting many of the trees and planning the design of the annual raised bed.

In the winter of 1966, the lake was drained for extensive remedial work, to reinforce the lake base and strengthen the western bank, with an added sluice. It was at this time that the Fort, an old boathouse at the head of the lake, where the Garden of the Child now sits, was demolished.

Now, the Friends of Lake Meadows have stepped in to help maintain the park and provide new features, all of which will ensure that the park continues to grow and develop as a green space, providing a calm oasis for Billericay residents to relax in and enjoy.
We appreciate the support that BDRA has given to our organisation during the past four years, particularly for sponsoring Jazz in the Park in 2015, but also for including our articles about our amazing park in the Resident.
Friends of Lake Meadows