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Committee News

The meeting started by welcoming Lesley Mitchelmore as our new Executive secretary  and  Mervyn Wright as Chair of the West Committee.

We have written to Billericay Town Council asking them to offer butt boxes to the smokers who gather outside Mayflower House in The Walk and drop cigarette ends

Summerfest July 10th
We will have a stall at the Summerfest alongside the Punch and Judy that we are sponsoring again this year

Hanging Baskets in the High Street
We agreed to sponsor one of Billericay Town Council’s hanging baskets this year.

Railway Bridge
Because the railway bridge is badly in need of being repainted we have found out that responsibility lies with Basildon Council, but as yet they have not responded to our request to repaint. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

Elizabeth Cottage
At a meeting on 15th June Basildon Council explained their proposed way forward for Elizabeth Cottage. It is currently under a 3 month notice period for payment of debt incurred by BDC. This will finish on 18th July. If the debt has not been paid a charge will be applied at the land registry. The council will then have the power to sell the property to get their payment. The cottage will then be sold at auction and any surplus will be kept in a trust account for 12 years  so the owners will have that time in which to claim their money. The BDRA are pleased to see that some action is being taken and whoever buys the property will need to gain planning permission for the site.
There is a town wide problem with speeding on our roads, of particular note are Greens Farm Lane, Perry Street and Stock Road where the presence of  nurseries, schools and/or old peoples schemes make speeding an increased issue. The committee discussed this and we would like to know our members thoughts, particularly on whether we should campaign for speed cameras instead of vehicle activated signs.

Bus timetables
Since the bus service changes came into force on 10th April the timetables at the bus stops have not been updated. In some cases helpful locals have stuck new timetables up. We will write to Essex County Council Passenger Transportation to request that new timetables are placed at all the bus stops. If anyone notices that this has been done we would like to know.

Time Capsule
As part of our 90th anniversary a Time Capsule has been commissioned and will be filled with the hopes and fears for Billericay that we have been sent (it’s not too late to add your hopes and fears). On 30th September John Baron MP will seal our Time Capsule at a specially organised meeting in The Reading Rooms to which we will soon be sending out invitations.

Future of BDRA
A document on our vision and strategy has been produced and this will be discussed at our next executive meeting. This will include discussing
our mission statement (what we do) and our vision statement(our long term vision of our future) as well as analysing our current membership so that we can see where the streets are with no members and can then target these streets to increase our numbers.