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Save Our Trees

Hi Chris

Thanks for your email. Further news:-

A very old oak tree has been felled in the front garden of 144 Norsey Road (opposite the turning for Little Norsey Road). A pair of houses are being refurbished there. I made enquiries of the site foreman as to the reason it had been felled only to be told that it was blocking the light out of the lounge and the gutters were always full of leaves!
I was told that the tree did not have a TPO on it but I am in the process of checking this fact with Basildon Borough Council - Planning + Tree Department. The tree surgeon who had felled the tree said that the tree was very healthy and did not know the reason why he was hired to fell it. I enclose digitals.

The diameter of the trunk was 3ft 6inches and the girth was 10ft 6inches. At a guess, I would say the tree was c.250 years of age.
Another loss of one of our splendid trees in the town.

John Smart

A meeting for setting up a tree wardens’project group is proposed . Further news of this initiative will be welcome.