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Letters to the Editorr

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Dear Editor,

You may recall I wrote in a previous edition about the oak trees felled from Radford Way, challenging Mr Hamber’s explanation that the trees needed removing for health and safety reasons. I, along with many other residents, advocate that removing the trees has been a real loss of amenity along that stretch of road.
Amongst the birds known to use those oak trees was the Redwing and colourful Waxwing, which visits us during cold winters. The birds would use the trees as the staging post and watchpoint from which they flew to and from neighbouring shrubs to feed. 
Initially, Mr Hamber seemed amenable to volunteers sourcing and planting Rowan Trees as some mitigation. However this co-operation didn’t materialise.
Since then the site has been sold to Sainsburys and no doubt many residents look forward to having this new retail facility in that part of the town. A conservation colleague, John Smart, 
sent a letter to the CEO Mike Coupe requesting that they plant berry-producing trees and shrubs around the car park. Not only would it enhance the area aesthetically but would serve wildlife, especially birds consuming the berries.
Sadly, the response by Sainsbury’s was a polite 'no' and such a request was not up for discussion. It was hoped that a partnership between business and the town’s interests could be forged. Sadly that does not appear to be the case.
As nature conservationists we don't want to stand in the way of progress – we just want to see a little bit of planning and effort to ensure it doesn't come at the expense of wildlife and our environment, which benefits us all.
The planning application is still to be submitted. If local residents submit comments asking that the site accommodates some Rowan trees and other berry-bearing shrubs they may change their mind. It will make shopping there a nicer experience as well as benefitting our local wildlife.  
Neil Sumner
Local Resident and Conservation Volunteer

Thanks to Neil Sumner for alerting us to the above. As yet planning has not been submitted.  When it is we will respond and if possible (depending on timings let residents know).

Dear Resident,

Thank you for the information that you gave under the heading of Committee News.
One item in the May issue mentioned Last Post Collection Times from local postboxes. I’ve followed this up with the Post Office. Although our local centre couldn’t help me they directed me towards the general consumer advice of the Post office.
I phoned them and apparently there hasn’t been final decision made as yet. My query will be passed onto the manager for our area and I should be hearing from him in the next couple of weeks. As soon as I hear I will let you know so that it can be included in the next available Resident, unless you hear from some other source in the meantime
Kind regards,
Pauline Critchell

It would seem that decisions have been made about collections using the following criteria.  It would be interesting to determine whether you are near a postbox of ‘significant importance’
Information on the Royal Mail website says
Collections from some low usage postboxes will now be made earlier in the day
Collection on delivery means the mail collection from certain postboxes will be carried out by the local postman or woman on their delivery route, at a time dependent on where the box is located on that route. This will typically be between 9am and 3pm in urban and suburban areas.
As usual, the indicator tablet on the postbox will show if the collection has already been made.
This will only affect some low usage boxes, those receiving fewer than 50 items per day and where there is a later posting box within half a mile of the box. The majority of postboxes will retain a 4pm or later final collection.
There will be clear sign-posting for customers on affected postboxes, indicating where their nearest later posting box is.
Boxes that are of significant importance due to their positioning will not change, irrespective of their usage or proximity to another box.
  for info about collection box changes so you can look up your nearest collection box with the last collection times.