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Highlights of the Treasurer's Report at the AGM

Here is a summary of the financial decisions and actions in the last year plus a look forward to the focus for this year. One year in which plans were made for our 90th Anniversary and one in which we want to raise our profile so residents can see what the Association has done and hopes to do.
The year ending January 2016 resulted in a net surplus of 1,744.

Subscription and advertising revenues -- 17.856 in total-- were very close to the previous year.

Thirteen coach trips, involving twenty individual coaches, generated a revenue of 24,382, and a surplus of 2,701 (11%)

The cost of printing the magazine -- 16, 006 -- rose by just over 1,000 due to increased printing costs, which have been held constant into the current year, and will be kept under close review

Overheads of 1,965 and donations/sponsorships of 1,387

Total reserves at 31/1/16 were 57,704, comprising mostly cash

2016-17 will not result in another surplus because of the decision to fund out of reserves (i) the cost of the BDRA commemorations and celebrations -- budget 3,000 -- which is aimed primarily at publicity and recruitment, and (ii) planning consultancy services regarding BDRA's response to the Basildon Draft Local Plan -- 1,200
In the short/medium term discretionary expenditure from reserves is envisaged to comprise mainly that associated with a publicity and recruitment drive aimed at modernising BDRA's image and appeal and increasing membership particularly among younger households.