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Highlights of the Treasurer's Report at the AGM

A year of the cashflow and priorities of BDRA. This summary reflects the activities and running costs for the year. It gives an insight into our involvement with local issues which impact on all of you.

The year ending January 2017 resulted in a net deficit of 6,147, but this included 2,999 spent on the BDRA 90th anniversary celebrations, and also 4,898 on planning consultancy services to help with responding to Basildon Council’s Local Plan proposals. Normal operations resulted in a surplus of 1,744, very close to the previous year.

Revenues from subscriptions of 8,391, and magazine advertising of 9,810, were both increased over the prior year. The membership stood at 4,392 (households) in April 2017.

Fourteen coach trips, involving twenty individual coaches, generated a revenue of 27,090, and a surplus of 2,726 (10%)

The cost of printing the magazine of 15,980 was virtually the same as in the prior year, but it will increase in 2017-18 due to increased printing costs.

Overheads amounted to 2,647 and donations/sponsorships of 1,133 were given out.

Total reserves at 31/1/17 were 51,557, comprising mostly cash.

In 2017-18 there may be a need for further significant outlay from reserves relating to opposing the Basildon Local Plan. The matter of whether to make further discretionary expenditure from reserves, for example on publicity and member recruitment, is under continual review.