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Committee News

After a very useful sub committee meeting to determine the purpose of our website we are putting together a brief to take to a local designer. If anyone has any recommendations of designer we would be happy to receive them

We are pleased that this project is going forward. A few more volunteers would be welcomed.

Housing White Paper
We responded to the consultation on this national document and will watch its progress with interest.

Local Plan.
A meeting has been set in late June with John Baron for the representatives from BDRA, BAG and Billericay Society to discuss the potential expansion plans for Billericay.
BBC through a press comment by their leader have suggested that they are getting an independent scrutiny company to look at their proposed plan. This, if it happens, will delay any publication of the next stage of the plan process.

Essex County Council Elections.
We noted the election of Tony Hedley and Richard Moore.

We continue to look for residents to support the Association in the following roles. Secretary to the main committee, secretary to the East area committee. East Area membership secretary and more members for the West area committee. All of these positions are vital to the smooth running of the Association, require a couple of hours a month and would mean working with a group of very supportive people. Contact us on

Billericay Community History Archive are holding a history fair in the library on October 20th.  We will be at this event, Burstead Fete 24th June and  Summerfest in July.

Elizabeth Cottage
Planning is being sought for 7 one and two-bed flats. We are pleased that plans are moving forward to develop the site.

Emergency Services network.
The Home Office’s reply was
“The government will never put at risk the safety or security of the public or the emergency services. Therefore it will be for the emergency services to decide, following stringent testing, when ESN meets the requirements they themselves have set. The Government has extended all contracts of the current system called Airwave to December 2019 by way of a contingency.
Our priority is to roll out ESN as soon as possible….however to support the Government’s objective of improving access to mobile signals the Home Office is working with the Welsh and Scottish Governments to identify proposed ESN sites which could also improve commercial mobile coverage…. These masts have the potential to extend mobile coverage in the future to the general public…. It should be noted that ESN sites will be in locations that allow coverage to be focused on roads.’