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A Happy Outcome

Dear Editor

I wanted to make residents aware of an experience I had which may help them.
In January I experienced a post-menopausal bleed. Feeling otherwise fit and well I was tempted to ignore  it. While pondering this dilemma, I remembered that my surgery (Western Road) had an on-line questionnaire which would allow a doctor to respond to a query. Three quarters of the way through, I was told to make an urgent appointment with my GP, which I did.
This set in motion a series of tests, which resulted in a diagnosis of cancer. Not a diagnosis I wanted to hear!! I subsequently underwent surgery and am recovering well. From this experience there are three things I want to highlight:

       Please, if you have any health issue, don’t hesitate to get advice as soon as possible. Speed will affect your long term outcomes.

       To congratulate Western Road surgery for the availability of the on-line questionnaire and to encourage everyone to use it, it saved my life.

       To congratulate the professional, efficient and supportive care I received from the NHS, including an ultrasound on a Sunday and a MRI scan on a Saturday.

A very satisfied patient.