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Basildon Local Plan
NEW - Consultation on additional sites

Local Plan Consultation new/Alternative sites.
This consultation which ended on 15th December 2016 was limited in scope. Comments were only possible on the new/alternative sites which are:
Great Burstead/South Green
New Site 1
– This is proposed as a north eastward extension to H 27 The Southend Rd site. The developer has not stated any number of homes but the area would appear to support around 300. No access plan.
New Site 2 – This new site (Foots Farm, behind St Peters School ending at the Guildprime Business Centre) is proposed for 150 additional homes. Road access from Southend Rd.
 New Site 3 – This new site (behind Maitland Lodge, Southend Rd) is proposed for 44 new homes. Road access from Southend Rd.
South of London Road
 New Site 5
– This is proposed as an extension to H21 (South of London Road at Greenleas Farm) adding 115 new houses to the 180 in the draft Local Plan. Provides the start of the proposed SW Relief Road with a junction at London Rd and access to the site.
In the draft Local Plan this is a Landscape Protection Area
Alternative Site 4
– This revives consideration of a previously rejected site (known as PADC14), between Outwood Common Road and Outwood Farm Road, to provide 430 new houses.. Road access from Outwood Common &/or Outwood Farm Roads.
Tye Common
Alternative Site 9
– This proposal extends H 23 (Land East of Frithwood Lane) to accommodate an additional 195 new houses on the expanded site that was originally for 330. Further expansion is offered to fund infrastructure (primarily the Relief Road). Road access by means of SW Relief Road on to Laindon Road.
Windmill Heights
Alternative Site 10
- This proposal extends H 24 (Land South of Windmill Heights) to accommodate an additional 100 new houses on the expanded site that was originally for 70. Road access from the A176 or Kennel Lane.

Basildon Council have considered and ignored all the representations made by this Association and many other groups and individuals regarding the Local Plan. They are pressing on with the programme to release Green Belt land for housing.

What is worse, they have just announced that they are considering including the above 7 more Green Belt sites in this area for inclusion in the plan, bringing at least 1300 more houses.

The BDRA formed a working group in conjunction with Billericay Action Group and Billericay Society to raise awareness and to prepare a co-ordinated response.

Our combined response has been prepared for us by a professional planning consultant and has been submitted to Basildon Council on 14th December.
You can download or read it here.

Details of the full local plan process can be found on the Basildon Council web site

BDRA submitted a response to the main consultation in March 2016. That response can now be read or downloaded from here.

The Draft Local Plan can be viewed online at:

In 2014 the Residents' Association presented its views to Basildon Council, and you can see what we said then in our Spatial Options Response