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These are a few of the responses of residents  we have received about the Local Plan. By the time you are reading this the response from BDRA will be at the draft stage ready for checking and submission.  However it will not be too late for individuals to contact Basildon Council.  The more responses the better to or by email to

Let the voice of the people of Billericay be heard.

There comes a time when the planners have to acknowledge that Billericay can support no more housing development. It is plain to anyone who lives here that local services, roads and car parking have reached bursting point.
There are environmental and historical issues with the site north of Potash Road and the Vale.

Health.  Will we get an appointment?

Getting an appointment with a GP is now extremely difficult. There would need to be more GPs. The same applies to Dentists and Hospitals.

 Transport Will we get a seat?
Trains in the rush hour are at near saturation point  due to increased people travelling  to and from Southend Airport. Add to this the proposed increased housing at Wickford combined with Billericay is only going to increase the load on the service provided.
 The roads in Billericay and in particular Mountnessing  Road are already at saturation point , a fact I believe which has been acknowledged by County and the Highways commission and to increase the traffic not only with proposed builds plus the approved new Sainsbury is only going to make it worse .

Apparently lack of infrastructure is not a valid argument for rejecting the proposals, but I believe the Green Belt is the strongest argument we have. The Government has said that we do not have to lose it even if we can’t fulfil our quotas.

Will particular housing needs be met?
I would also like to see what types of properties are to be built so that they include a whole range of properties and not just large family homes.  There are many older people looking to downsize their homes who cannot find a suitable property and having watched bungalow after bungalow being demolished and replaced with two large family homes where I live - the West Park estate - I can understand why it is so difficult.

What’s happening here?
Also just a question if this paper is only at consultation stage why are they currently laying cables and pipe work into an empty green field off the London Road , Is this just coincidence?

A response from local wildlife!