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Committee News

Billericay Big Do
On Monday 16th March 50 local people turned out to have their say on how the spare space in the library and neighbouring Burghstead Lodge should be used. 40 fresh ideas were put forward - everything from bee keeping to drama to hot desking. A summary list of the ideas can be viewed here:
Obviously any future uses that are planned for the buildings will impact on how the buildings are redeveloped so a second session was run on Monday 30th March to move the initial ideas from concept to reality, to work through the details of the ideas, answering questions such as:
Which room(s) do you need? At what time? What would the costing model be (if any)? Who will manage it? What else do you need to get going?
We will write to Essex County Council to see if there is any feedback that we can publish in The Resident in June.

South Essex Parking Partnership
The South Essex Parking Partnership operates on-street parking enforcement and resident parking schemes under agency agreement with Essex County Council and it includes the borough of Basildon in its remit. On behalf on one of our members we have written to complain about the lack of enforcement of the timed parking restrictions in West Ridge at the end of the school day when parents park to collect children from Quilters’ School. To date there has been no action. There are also complaints about lack of parking enforcement in the High Street in an evening when cars park on double yellow lines and restrict the width of the High Street. And maybe you know of other areas where the South Essex Parking Partnership needs to be reminded of it responsibilities to enforce parking restrictions.

Annual General Meeting - Crossrail
The story behind Europe’s largest construction project. Our guest speaker will give an introduction to Crossrail, the project connecting railway services between the east and west of London. Learn about the reasons behind the project, the huge engineering challenge of the central London tunnels, and the work underway at the 40 stations which Crossrail will serve including Brentwood and Shenfield  Our members are invited to come laong and find out how Crossrail will affect Billericay on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 8pm in Emmanuel Archer Hall, Laindon Road

14/01480/FULL – an application to extend and convert a bungalow into a five bedroom house at 4 Kenilworth Close, Billericay was granted planning permission.
15/00237/FULL - the demolition of outbuildings, partial demolition of the rear of the existing public house retaining the front portion, the construction of a 2.5 storey (3 floors) rear extension and conversion to 8 residential flats and the construction of a separate 2 storey building with accommodation in a mansard roof to provide 5 further residential flats at The Rising Sun Public House, 2 Sun Street – permission was refused because there is a lack of car parking/servicing facilities and on the basis of highway safety grounds due to the bin store being in a location where refuse trucks would need to stop on or near to a pedestrian crossing to collect refuse.

Last Post Collection Times
Before you deposit a letter or card into your local postbox do check the next collection time. We have been told that Royal Mail has changed some of the collection times without any announcement or indication on the postboxes. Post boxes can now be emptied by postmen as part of their daily rounds during the morning rather than by separate delivery vans.
These changes are not just tinkering but significant, a previous last collection of around 4pm could have been brought forward to 9am, which effectively nullifies the point of a first-class stamp should you deposit a letter during the course of the day because it won’t be collected until the next morning. And you might not be comfortable about post languishing overnight in a fairly insecure metal box.
Anything of significance or importance now necessitates a trip to another post box, perhaps in the town centre to ensure your letter goes on the day you post it.
And will this lead to the Royal Mail making an announcement in a year or so that postboxes are being underutilised and therefore are to be withdrawn and just another deterioration in our social infrastructure?