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Letters to the Editorr

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Dear Editor,

Doggy Poo Bags
I've been looking after my daughter's golden retriever, Amber, for the past 10 days and have enjoyed walking her in the park every
day. I'm impressed with the way the park is cared for and how conscientious dog owners are at controlling their pets and clearing up
after them, using the poo bags and bins provided. I have not seen free poo bags available at parks in London, which is where I often
walk Amber. I was outraged therefore, to see a middle-aged couple with a small black and white dog raiding the free poo bag box,
stuffing as many bags into their pockets as they could. The man was just making sure they had emptied the box when he glanced round
and saw me approaching shaking my head. He stuffed the last bag into his jacket and moved off to the exit at Lake Avenue.

Madie Binning

What a shame some people don’t feel they can take what they need so others can also. A different scenario is the availability of pink sacks in the library. We are asked to take 1 roll and I saw a woman take at least 10 rolls. Mind you she might have been helping out her neighbours.  Ed.

Dear Editor,

Litter at the station

Please can you help tidy up our view as yesterday I met a friend at Billericay station and was embarrassed to stand by the bus stops and have to look at all the litter blowing around. I don’t know who would be responsible as it seems to be on railway premises.
P. Simpkins

Mrs Simpkins is right the litter at the station does not give a good first impression of our town. I have it on good authority that the Town Council are liaising with Network Rail to try to get the situation improved.