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Committee News

We were pleased to welcome Graham Moat to our meeting as he has volunteered to help us update our website. It’s clear we have some decisions to make before starting work so a small group will  be working on these.

Despite one enquiry regarding membership secretary for East Area we still have no-one to take this over We also have no volunteer as Executive Secretary to take minutes of our main monthly meeting and handle a small amount of correspondence

AGM (17 May 2017) Arrangements
We discussed the arrangements for our AGM and agreed the names we would put forward for officers at the AGM. Chairman John Buchanan, Vice Chairman Andy Maddocks, Treasurer Peter Sharp, Secretary Vacancy
Our new constitution will be put on website, will be available in hard copy from Peter Sharp. It will be in our AGM booklet and the AGM will be asked to approve it

Donation Child in Park Statue
Friends of Lake Meadows have met with John Doubleday who created the original statue and mulled over a few ideas he had for something appropriate to go on the plinth and fit in with the original concept "from the children of the past and today for the children of the future". At the time of writing they had received about 900 in donations. When we know what they are planning and how much it will cost we will decide how much to give on behalf of BDRA.
Borough Diary
Andy Maddocks had contacted Basildon Council because no-one seemed to be receiving the Borough Diary and, amazingly, the most recent edition has now been received by all EXCO members. We also now have a good contact within the publicity department.

Emergency Service Network

John Baron has passed our letter to the relevant government department and will forward any reply

Traffic survey
We now know that the recent comprehensive traffic survey i.e cameras appearing in many locations  was to do with improvements at Fairglen Interchange. We will ask for any results of this which could provide useful information re the Local Plan about the traffic in Billericay

Elizabeth Cottage
Bob Reeves of the Billericay Society has met with the new owner of Elizabeth Cottage and  reports that the plans are to turn the building into flats with no parking

Storage- Up Date

We are progressing storing all papers that we need to keep in electronic format so we don’t need to keep so much paperwork.

Local Plan
John Baron replied to Mike Andrews (BAG), Bob Reeves (BS) and John Buchanan (BDRA). He is willing to meet with representatives from the 3 groups if they would support some development that was in the local interest. We are in favour of this

Planning Applications
Applications submitted
17/00416/FULL The Stable, Crown Yard (Billericay Dental Care) altering the rear elevation to insert 4 slit windows and cream coloured rendered finish to exterior wall – no objection
17/00414/ABAS The Stable, Crown Yard display of one non-illuminated timber framed sign to rear elevation - no objection
17/00291/ABAS 68 High Street (Specsavers) To display illuminated fascia and projecting sign – we would object as this was contrary to conservation area.      
Applications determined
16/01711/LBBAS and 16/01710/FULL at 22 High Street Part demolition and replacement of existing buildings to form 3 residential properties was refused as renovation was not sympathetic to associated listed building
17/00082/FULL 108A and 17/00083/LBBAS 108A High Street (King George Court) Conversion of roof space for office use and pitch roof dormer to rear was granted

Speeding Review
The request for Speedwatch volunteers in The April Resident has been successful, but there are not enough yet to form a team. We need at least another 3 volunteers

County Council Elections
We will suggest that BAG/BS/BDRA write to all the candidates to ask their views on the Local Plan.  We will also ask their views on speeding

Internally illuminated projecting signs
There are 2 illegal internally illuminated projection signs at the top end of the High Street and we will write to BBC to get them removed.     

Banners in Iceland Car Park
We noted the enforcement notice in the car park relating to the unauthorised banners on the railings. The banners have been removed.