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South Green Housing Proposal

Barratt Homes is proposing a housing development of up to 180 homes on the north-east side of Southend Road in South Green. This area is in the Green Belt and was designated as potentially suitable for housing in Basildon Council’s 2014 Local Plan, which was withdrawn after public consultation. A revised Local Plan is not expected to be issued for consultation until early next year.

Barratt says the scheme will provide for
a mix of property sizes, including affordable housing, but no planning application has been submitted.

The BDRA’s policy is to resist speculative development in the Green Belt

Observations of a concerned Resident

If the proposal is for 180 houses to be built on land to the east of The Southend Road, Billericay. This bombshell is starting up the “Rat Run” problem we already have through Burstead Drive.

Say there are 180 cars x two residents = 360 cars plus a possible additional resident in 50% of the houses giving us a total of450 cars to exit and re-enter every day.

The only exit I can see on the outline plan is into Highfield Road through a narrow entrance,

 thence to Highfield Approach, then the inevitable Outwood Common Road. This will lead to Outwood Common Road being enlarged in the short term.
(Although I doubt if the agreeing committee would have been made aware of this as yet.)

The next problem is the dreaded junction at Southend Road/Grange Road. In view of the impossible parking situation there and the planned extension to the car park to account for six additional

There must be in the pipeline, a dream of an engineer somewhere to put in a roundabout at the junction.  The only available land is the “South Green” Recreational Ground which does not belong to the BBC
or ECC so what is the answer? To allow exit to Outwood Farm Road would cause serious problems for the traffic in the School area, wherever it was sited in that periphery road. To exit into the Southend Road would exacerbate the traffic problems already there.

Name and address supplied


This is an example of a lack of infrastructure to support this proposal. When plans are submitted BDRA will respond and encourage residents to do the same. Do read Mike’s article which explains what we as individuals and as an Association can do.