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Letters to the Editorr

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Dear Editor,

Billericay Police Station Closure
A number of comments have been received about the police station closing. It is seen as symbolic of a reassuring presence in the town.  Somewhere to go for advice and help, in fact the same sort of reassurance as the ‘bobby on the beat’  PCSOs  were the visible presence of the police in our community and they are being cut from 35 to7.
I think the issue of reduced police and PCSOs from 35 to 7 is more important an issue than the closure of the police stations.’
‘I am shocked with the cuts to PCSOs. Police Commissioners were supposed to improve the service to the public.
The implications of these cuts will affect the police’s priorities and our expectations of the service they can offer the public.

Nick Alston, the Police and Crime Commissioner says

Policing faces a number of significant challenges. Crime is changing, with domestic abuse, online stalking and cyber crime making the front line your front room. There are significant financial challenges, with Essex Police facing potential cuts of 63 million by 2019-20. Technology is altering the way criminals commit crimes. The public has changing expectations of how to contact the police. The consequence is that policing has to change.
Nick Alston has been asked to comment on the impact on Billericay however to date has not replied. If you would like to contact him these are his details Tel: 01245 291600 or letter
PCC for Essex, 3 Hoffmanns Way, Chelmsford, CM1 1GU.


Pillar Boxes
Royal Mail report that they are repainting boxes in CM11 from January – March. They do not plan to do CM 12 however if photos are sent to them of boxes which need repainting they will consider them. Thanks to people who got in touch to help on this one.

Wills fortnight for St. Luke's Hospice

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting for the total raised from our event but we should raise somewhere around the 7000 mark!
We have had such a great response 60 appointments booked in total (the two Billericay Solicitors had 21 of these).
This is more than three times what we have raised previously and this will make a real difference to the support we can provide to our patients and their families.
We are aiming to increase the event next year and hope to recruit some more solicitors to cope with the extra interest from the public.
Thank you so much for your support with this event and I will keep you posted for next year.
Kind Regards