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Know Your Billericay

Thanks to all those who took part in the BDRA 90 Photo Quiz. The 12 photos of places in and around Billericay covered some well known and easier clues and a few which challenged. From the completed and correct submissions 3 winners were chosen. The Waitrose voucher went to Pat Heinson, the cookery book to Kathy Heald and the bottle of wine to Mrs Leslie.

The feedback about the quiz was that it was well thought out and an enjoyable experience using the clues to find out the answers. I have been asked to print the answers so here goes.

Photo: Pat Heinson, winner of the quiz with BDRA Vice-chairman Andy Maddocks.

Zurich House - the clock is high up on the wall above the offices of Direct Insurance Group PLC in the High Street opposite Waitrose.

St Mary Magdalene Church, Great Burstead (Christopher Martin and Bob Carpenter churchwardens).  This plaque is on the wall facing the main door of the church behind the Royal Mail post box in church street.

Round the side of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Little Burstead - the blocked-up door is clearly labelled.

ASK (sign of the Meeting of the Independent Dissenters) in the High Street

The wren is on the statue of The Child in the Park in The Garden of the Child in Lake Meadows

St Mary Magdalen Church in the High Street - the Spanish tiles appear in the spandrels above the outside of the west doorway.

The Festival Gardens (donated by an anonymous lady in1951 to celebrate the Anniversary of Britain) at the top of Crown Road

Norsey Woods - on the Norsey Wood Trail - the Tumulus (Bronze Age Burial Ground)

South Green - the archers sign stands at the top of the green on the Southend Road.

At the junction of Potash Road and Norsey Road (signpost renewed by BDRA)

The GR 1938 engraving is above the old Post Office at the end of the High Street (almost opposite the Library)

The Workhouse clock is near the cash tills inside Waitrose