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Committee News

Following the item about speeding in Greens Farm Lane in the last Resident we note that a speed survey is underway. We have also been contacted by a resident who has been corresponding with the Police regarding the speeding and lack of attention to pedestrian crossings in Stock Road and Bridleway. We will refer this to the East and Burstead Area Committee and ask the correspondent to summarise his correspondence to be included in the letters section of The Resident.

Anti-Social Behaviour
Basildon Council stopped locking gates to parks and recreational areas two years ago in a bid to cut 80,000 from its annual budget but this has not been without issues. We reported the problem with the play area at Passingham Close in our last newsletter and note that the Norsey Wood Society newsletter in Autumn 2014 stated “Need to recommence locking the main gate overnight, partly in response to a break-in at the workshop.”
Residents of Cromwell Ave had a meeting on 29th July to discuss the issues arising from the non-closure of the park gates at Lake Meadows including speeding cars on the access road and in the car park, youngsters gathering to inhale nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas and bad language. We decided to refer this issue to our West Committee to see if we could help the residents but have since heard that Basildon Council have recommenced locking the Lake Meadows gates at night.

Following a complaint by one of our members regarding an advertiser (which several members of the committee have used without issue) we decided to include a disclaimer in every edition of The Resident that BDRA do not endorse or guarantee any advertiser.

14/01394/FULL Alterations to existing listed building, demolition of existing rear extension and construction of new rear extension to create five  residential flats at 137 High Street was granted
15/00470/FULL New Shopfront (Card Factory) (Retrospective) was granted
15/00471/ABAS Display of 1 new internally illuminated fascia sign (Card Factory) (Retrospective) was refused
15/00813/ABAS Two fascia signs and one projecting sign (replacements) at Connells, 96 High Street as direct replacements for the existing shop front signage was granted and have been installed.
Outline planning application 14/00974/OUT for the demolition of three existing bungalows and construction of 16 dwellings at 16,18 and 20 St Agnes Road, Billericay was refused but the applicant is appealing this decision
15/00943/FULL Change of use of the ground and first floor from retail (A1) to a nail bar and beauty treatment salon (sui generis) 16 High Street (formerly Hamelin House Charity Shop) we had no objection.

In October 2013 Quilters Infants School asked BDRA for help towards the cost of refurbishing the Quilters swimming pool so that when the pool was not being used by the pupils of both the Infant and Junior schools i.e. during evenings, weekends and school holidays, residents may use the pool. The cost of the work was estimated at about 120,000 to bring the pool to the required standard. BDRA decided to donate 2,000 to this project because it would be of benefit to our community. This donation was provided in 2014 and as yet we have not been notified of the access that the community can have to the pool. Our Executive Secretary will write to ask for a progress report.

Railway Bridge
The condition of the pedestrian railway bridge near the railway station was considered to be in need of a clean so our Executive Secretary will ask Essex County Council to do this.

Other items discussed were the risk assessment for the coach trips, our 90th birthday (with a query over whether this will be in 2016 or 2017), dates for 2016, the retirement of Tesni Blee as membership secretary of West Area and replacement by Hilary Minto.

Area Secretaries.

The Association has 5 area secretaries who beaver away on your behalf. They are:

Sheila Pullin ,Pam Heazel  and Helen Hill in the East, Great Burstead and Little Burstead .

Paul Farrow and Hilary Minto in the West.

Tesni Blee

Our thanks go to Tesni for the excellent job she has done as Area Secretary in the West.
She took it over many years ago ( I asked her how many and she thinks it is about 10 years).
We wish her well for the future
 We are delighted that Hilary Minto has agreed to take over from her and we welcome her to her new role.

A special thank you to all the Area Secretaries who give their time freely to support the Association.

The committees have not met I will include an update from them next month.