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Letters to the Editorr

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Dear Editor,
We make sure our High Street is clean and well maintained, with occasional extra help to smarten up such areas as the War Memorial and Elizabeth House (looking far better, despite it's pretty blue roof!).  
However, (In the grand scheme of things, this is minor!) the pillar boxes in the town are in a very poor state of repair.  The colour Pillar Box Red used to be a proud badge of the Post Office, even down to the slogan on some Post Office vans 'This is a green van!'.  The paint on most of the pillar boxes is more brown rust than red of any colour.  The one at the station is an exception, after all the renovations there it could hardly stay brown.

Part of the Post Office's commitment is that they paint pillar boxes every three years, link below. I understand that there has recently been a change to this, to allow more frequent/necessary painting.  Perhaps we could find a way to access this.

I attach a photo of my nearest pillar box, on Rosebay Avenue, though most in the area are in a similar state - including those outside the sorting office. The 'boxes on  stalks' with no identification on them (look like dog poo boxes!) are similarly poor, but they started off like that!


Name and address supplied

An enquiry has been sent to Royal Mail to track down if there is a local schedule for repainting. If anyone knows of a direct contact please let the editor know on


Dear Editor,

Further to the  sentences about the Crown PH, I have spoken to the new Manager( Josh). The pub will be undergoing a refit in late September /early October. It has and will have BT sport for the football T he Beluga will be available for hire as a function room, bar staff are available. 
 John Crown