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Elizabeth Cottage
Dear Chris,

I feel I must reply to last month’s comment re Elizabeth Cottage
I'm afraid it is highly unlikely that an organisation like English Heritage would acquire Elizabeth Cottage. For them to justify the amount of money necessary to establish a museum-like space it would need to have had a person of note or a significant event linked to it. Unless new research has revealed anything of that nature within the last month or two the museum is not aware of anything that would fit these categories.
Even if an organisation like English Heritage acquired the property and refurbished it they would not then allow The Cater Museum to move in. The museum is an independent one, we own 74 High Street, and the only time we would ever move to another location would be if the Board of Trustees chose to. Our income comes from the rent from 74A and 74B - a move would mean that we lose this income, in effect we would cease to operate as a museum or there would be a fundamental change in how we operate (i.e. charge for admission, be voluntary run, etc.) 
To alter the building to make it suitable for office space would be too much money to justify and many historic features would be lost. To demolish the building for offices would be an unnecessary tragedy; it would mean the loss of a historic building (including Tudor features) - which is what the campaign is fighting against.

Katie Wilkie

I also note that The Billericay Society are looking for support to try to get the cottage grade two listed.  Ed.

Speeding Update

More responses this month have widened the areas of concern to Hillside Drive, Mountnessing Rd, Tye Common Rd , Queen’s Park Ave and more comments about different parts of Perry St. and Stock Rd.  Many people comment on the volume of traffic which is a related concern and an argument for limiting expansion proposals.
Some people favour speed advisory signs though consider they are of limited value, others speed cameras and mobile intervention from the police. People are divided about speed cameras and also intrigued how we have the 2 there are in Billericay. 

Residents write about individual and a local collective communication with ECC which in one case resulted in repairing the speed advisory sign and another saying there is no case for any action.
Unsurprisingly two people said that their major problem was not in the 30mph areas but the 40mph ones.
The committee has looked at all responses and felt that to gather evidence to make a case for action a good place to start was to check the efficacy of the speed activated signs in Greens Farm Lane, Queens Park Ave and Perry St. Anyone who has some time to help with gathering this evidence do contact John Buchanan email: or tel: 01277656715 and then he can direct you to the committee member who is coordinating collecting data at each site.