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This Month's Topics

Welcome to April’s Resident. Now that spring is with us there are a number of local events advertised in this month’s edition. The second Soap Box Derby, Norsey Wood’s open day and the Great Lake Race. There are also two opportunities to try out a new sport i.e. bowls. I expect there are a many gardening enthusiasts who are welcoming the spring. As I write I can hear a number of lawnmowers humming away and thinking I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so I can cut the grass.

Local Plan Update

It is thought that there will be a further publication from BBC which should appear before you receive this Resident. We will be considering it and any response we can make It is apparent that Basildon have called on the train operators to publish longer term plans which will match the duration of the Local Plan..

Basildon Council - Basildon Council Calls For Rail Operators To Make Longer-Term Plans

Other infrastructure clues are the road strips and temporary cameras which have been placed all over the borough. Presumably by ECC as they are responsible for highways. ( Thanks to those residents who alerted us to the extensive nature of this monitoring).
John Baron MP has received a letter from BDRA, BAG and Billericay Society since it is evident that other MPs have been getting involved in how local plans are impacting on their constituents. The  extent of this involvement is highlighted in an article in The Mail on 20th January, which can be found here

We also referred him to the active involvement of Rebecca Harris in Castle Point who has been in the forefront of the fight against building on the Green Belt there.
We have said that we strongly disagree with the proposals made in the Basildon Local Plan with regard to Billericay.   Our main concerns are the proposed changes to the Green Belt boundaries (without exceptional circumstances) to facilitate excessive building on what is now Green Belt land and a total lack of supporting infrastructure for the new construction.  In fact, the number of houses proposed has been inflated further since the original Consultation as an incentive to Developers. We will let you know about the reply we receive.

A Message from the coach organisers
There have been comments made that people can never get on the coach trips because they are always full. In fact very few of the trips sell out on the ring by date.
It is always worthwhile ringing if you forget to ring on the day. If there is enough demand and we are able to we will run another coach. One point is worth making that to make the process easier for you and us is that you will not be able to leave a message on the actual ring by morning because our message service will be filled up. We appreciate that it can be time consuming to have to make a few calls before getting through but we deal with the calls as quickly as we can.

Laying Cables
It seems that there are a number of places in the town and district where Virgin are laying cables. Some residents say they have had notification and others say that the first they knew was when they saw the cables being installed.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
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