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Welcome to February's Resident, the first edition of 2017

This Month's Topics

Have you noticed anything different on the web site? We thought we would change the heading and menu colours as a new look. No change to the quality of information and feedback to keep issues at the forefront of our minds. I had an email which responded to the fact that so many of us are still not receiving the Borough Diary which said that ‘if you want to know what is going on in Billericay then the Resident is the place to look.’ We do our best however if the Council is using the Borough Diary as a way of communicating with residents then it is not effective.

Local Plan Update
You will see a timeline for the next stages of the Local Plan and realise that 2017 is a key year to keep up to date with these events. Decisions made will impact upon us all and the quality of life for people who follow us to live in a town and district of which we are justifiably proud.
I particularly like what Maralyn has written in Committee News  about how the soundness of a plan is judged. BDRA and our partners BAG and Billericay Society are keeping vigilant about the next stages and will keep you informed.

Charity Events
Key events in the life of the town attract visitors and join us all as a community. As we know they range from fireworks to street markets, summer fairs and the recent addition of the soap box derby. It is a double whammy as we and charities gain from these annual events. The Christmas market attracted over 20000 people and raised 22000. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to make this event a success. The Rotary team and their partner organisations worked from set up at 4.00am until 16 hours later.
I have it on good authority from my secret squirrel that plans for building soapboxes
are well advanced. These magnificent machines will be unveiled at the 2nd Soap Box Derby on Monday 1st May. An event not to be missed.
Another date for your diary.. May 17th. Come and hear Sean Day talk about the exciting Harwich Mayflower Project which will celebrate 400 years since the pilgrims set sail in 1620.

Please help your road reps who from February onwards will be collecting the annual subscription of 2 and giving new our newly designed membership card.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
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