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90th Anniversary Edition


This Month's Topics

Welcome to our celebration of 90 years of the Billericay Residents’ Association. It is a magnificent achievement and down to the people who have been on the committees, supported the campaigns and activities which have been led by the Association. Also being a key part in setting up of the town and parish councils.
In the last 90 years Billericay has grown to be the bustling, busy thriving town and district it is today. The BRA and then BDRA have been part of the growth keeping residents’ needs at the heart of the changes. Their vision and strategy for the next ten years is to uphold their philosophy and aims and to have a voice in local decision making. We welcome the good wishes of other groups who also have the town and its residents at the heart of what they do.

All good wishes from the Trustees of The Reading Rooms to the BDRA celebrating 90 years serving the community of Billericay and District. Long may they continue.
Billericay Horticultural Society
As a Society which has been around since 1894 may we congratulate BDRA in reaching the 90 years mark.
It has been our pleasure to work with yourselves and receive your assistance in promoting our Society.
We look forward to many more years.  Best Wishes B.H.S.
Thank you for all the help you have given me since I took on publicity for the fold. You went out of your way to help us find a treasurer and have consistently  entered our events into your monthly magazine . Thank you
Jackie Bridges
The Billericay Society congratulates the BDRA on its 90th anniversary. Long may it continue in its common aim with our Society to preserve the heritage of Billericay for the future.

There is a feeling of dj vu when we see actions from


BDRA was writing numerous letters to authorities, councillors and the local MP on the way in which services in the developing town were being overstretched. The schools were overcrowded and many children were taught in demountable classrooms, road surfaces were in general need of repair and street lighting left much to be desired. Many other facilities were considered unsatisfactory, for example, footpaths, car parks, school swimming pools, children’s play areas, water supply pipes and pressure, fluctuating electricity voltage, lack of telephone boxes and residential lines and late running trains: all these were brought to the attention of the appropriate authority.

And now in


Extract from the BDRA’s submission to the consultation on Basildon Borough Council Draft Local Plan, January 2016, submitted March 2016:

BDRA are … unconvinced that the draft Local Plan contains sufficient specific proposals for improvements to local infrastructure to meet existing residents’ needs and to ameliorate the impact on the local infrastructure of an additional 1,740 dwellings.

Our History


Billericay Residents Association was formed

1957 (ish)

The proposed development north of the railway line caused concern to the people of Buttsbury who formed the Sunnyville Residents’ Association which eventually became known as the Buttsbury Residents’ Association. Shortly afterwards the journal “Buttsbury News” made its appearance as the Association’s means of communication with its members


The Billericay Residents’ Association journal “The Mayflower” was started

3 March 1978

In anticipation of electoral boundary changes which removed Buttsbury Ward the two Residents’ Associations decided to merge to form one to represent the whole of Billericay. Thus on Friday 3 March 1978 the Billericay District Residents’ Association was born.

1 May 1978

The new Association launched its own newsletter - The Resident - which was, and still is circulated to all members.


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