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This Month's Topics

Welcome to June's Resident

Crossrail will be with us in phases between 2017 and 2019.  Transport for London will be operating the service taking over the Metro Service from Shenfield on May 31st this year. It will give us different travel options so we can combine our existing rail service with improved interchanges. For example a change at Shenfield with improved accessibility for all travellers will mean no further changes for a journey to Heathrow. The upgrade of all the infrastructure of tracks, signals and Crossrail stations will improve the reliability of the existing fast trains to Liverpool Street.  As with all projects of this size there will be disruptions while work is being carried on overground sections.
TFL will ensure all of their stations are staffed from the first to the last train to help any passengers who require assistance.  This must be an issue at Billericay now and a letter to the train provider so that we can travel with the same level of service promised by TFL would be supported by BDRA. Use this as an opportunity to have our voice heard.
 So the main claims of Crossrail are that it will Improve journey times, ease congestion , reduce overcrowding, reduce the journey time to Heathrow and provide a 10% increase in rail capacity in Central London.  Undoubtedly if these claims are realised then we will benefit as rail travellers.  For train enthusiasts and travellers alike the Aventra 345 will be a welcome addition to replace the existing old Metro rolling stock. There will be 9 walkthrough carriages which make 200 metre trains carrying 1500 passengers  with  up to 24 trains travelling in each direction at peak times.
One fascinating fact is that if you travel to Liverpool Street one end of the train will be in Liverpool Street and the other at Moorgate.  Similarly with Farringdon and Barbican

 Our AGM celebrated a year of continuing traditions with BDRA supporting town events by making contributions to High Street events which raise money for charities and placing a wreath at the memorial in November.
 Through residents’ letters and our committees we keep abreast of planning applications to have a voice in the changing nature of Billericay.  Since the Resident goes beyond the town to Great Burstead, South Green and Little Burstead we are happy to raise issues which impact on all these areas.
 On a number of occasions over the last year we have signposted residents to their next contact and supported issues ranging from trees, parking, pavements and cottages in the high street. We are pleased to report that we have had our successes and in this edition we are following up on grass cutting on the corner of Langemore Way, improving the environment after the oak trees were taken down in Radford Way last year and raising awareness about the limiting or disappearance of  services with little notification. 
My plea to you is to let us know at or 01277 632390 about any issues and encourage people who do not receive the Resident to join the Association. Some of you are doing a good job already as I have been contacted with requests and information from someone who knows someone who gets the Resident. If everyone who came to the AGM went away and recruited a neighbour it would be a start to reaching more homes in Billericay. Also anyone who is interested in being part of the two committees which currently meet to discuss issues such as our response to the Local Plan then please contact John Buchanan on or tel: 01277 656715.

 This Could be YOU!

Road reps for:
28 Houses in Quilters
Please call Sheila Pullin on 657776 if you can help

9 Houses covering Marlborough Way, Rutherford Close,
            Berkeley Drive.
7 Houses in Grosvenor Gardens
19 Houses in Portman Drive and Farrier Drive
23 Houses in Porchester Road, Vincent Way and Carlyle Gardens
11 Houses in York Road and Montpelier Gardens

 Please call Paul Farrow on 625126 if you can help


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

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