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This Month's Topics

Welcome to June’s Resident which celebrates the 90th anniversary AGM of BDRA. It is a real achievement that a Residents Association has been in existence for 90 years as it gives a strong foundation for the next 90 years.

I was greatly encouraged for the future when I received the submission of the Billericay Youth Town Council for the Time Capsule and hope they don’t mind if I share it with you.

BDRA Chairman John Buchanan cuts the cakeOur hopes are that:

Our fears are that:

There is still time to make a contribution to the time capsule so please join these young people in adding your voice to  what you want to see in Billericay.

Housing Crisis

Claire Astbury from the National Housing Federation, the speaker at the AGM, outlined how historically there has been a growing housing crisis and in the past we did not have the same awareness we have now as we are now all likely to know someone who has a housing need. This is not only the young but older people who need their housing needs met so they can live independently for as long as possible.
The big issues are getting the right balance of homes and countryside and the right balance of market price and affordable homes. As with all big issues this has many layers of complexity.

Our strength as an association is that we need to be part of defining what’s right for our area and pushing for the right kind of homes to meet local need. The more we take part in it the better it will be.

Thanks to those of you who came to the AGM and we look forward to seeing our volunteers on 21st June. Do come and see us at the Great Burstead Fete on 25th June and Summerfest on 10th July. Two great summer events. I would also like to add well done to the organisers of the Soapbox Derby which as a first was a great success and hopefully will be added to the calendar of Billericay events. I have also heard that in September the Cater Museum are commemorating the a hundred years since the Zeppelin came down.

Can Can you Help?

Area Secretary for East Area
whose main role is the the admin for the distribution of the Resident and the main point of contact for a team of road reps. We are looking for someone who is committed to the aims of the BDRA, is computer literate and has great organisational and communication skills. If you are interested in further details please email your details to

Road reps for
32 32 houses
The Willows, The Oaks, Copperfield, Beams Way, Foys Walk, Paddock Close.  
Please call Pam Heazel on 413865 if you can help.

4 houses in Oakwood Drive
 Please call Helen Hill on 636024 if you can help


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
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As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

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