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This Month's Topics

Moving Forward

This month the news from the Committee shows a number of the actions the Association is taking and being involved in on your behalf.  A preliminary meeting to set up a committee in the west will have taken place in February so hopefully that will take more actions forward.   There has been interest in the treasurer’s role so I hope to be introducing you to the new treasurer in the not too distant future. The road reps will be knocking on your doors over the next few months to collect subs.  These are still 2 for the year.

There is a new feature this month on independent restaurants in Billericay.  The plan is for this to be a piece every other month.  If you know of any restaurants you think are independent and worthy of a mention then please let us know the usual way .

The Club Connection is another club which may appeal more to the ladies.  Come on gents if you are a club chair, secretary or publicity officer and would like your club or group highlighted then please get in touch.

Please keep your letters coming for the letters page so we can signpost you to who may be able to help.

Looking Forward

Membership Secretary for the West Area.
Due to the pending retirement of our West Area Secretary we are looking for someone who could give a couple of hours a month to managing the distribution of the Resident, managing membership and administration for the West Area of Billericay.  If you have the time and would like to be part of the Area Secretarys’ network then do ring Tesni Blee on  657125.  She would love to hear from you.

Road reps for:

9 Houses covering Marlborough Way, Rutherford Close,

            Berkeley Drive.

 Please call Paul Farrow on 625126 if you can help

48 Houses, covering Green Farm Lane, Prince Edward Rd
This round only takes about 30 mins a month . I know from experience.
12 Houses Dedham Road/Dedham Close

 Please call Helen Hill on 636024 if you can help
37 houses covering Brightside,  Brightside Close, Coombe Close
Please call Tesni Blee on
657125. If you can help

Volunteers needed
Is there anyone who can give a few hours collecting subs in Queens Park and South Green. It would not need to be until the warmer weather and lighter evenings are upon us.  If you can help please contact Paul Farrow (Queens Park) on 625126 or Pam Heazel (South Green) on 413865.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

Copy Dates for "Resident"

If readers wish to advertise an event or have an article printed in the newsletter the item should be submitted to the Editor by the 15th of the month before publication:

Chris Wade
12a Tyrone Close
Great Burstead
Billericay CM11 2RX

or e-mail
If an event is to be held before the 10th of the month then, to ensure circulation, the advertisement should be in the previous month's issue, e.g. an event taking place on the 3 May should be advertised in the April issue. Similarly if an event is scheduled for September then the advertisement should appear in the July issue.