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This Month's Topics


Thanks to those of you who have responded to the draft local plan. There are some strong feelings about the proposals which will be reflected in the BDRA submission.

No-one seemed to know of any BDRA committee members or leading lights who could remember something where the BDRA has helped to improve local amenities. I am sure this cannot be. Hence my title is there anybody out there? Remember small things make a difference. We are planning for these to be part of our exhibition in the summer so if there is anything even anecdotal please get in touch by the usual ways.

Last month I asked for hopes and fears for the next 10 years in Billericay to put in our BDRA Time Capsule. To date I have the following which may spark off some ideas. If it does please send your hopes and fears to or if you want to post them to me give me a call and I will give you the address. If your children or grandchildren would like to offer their hopes and fears as well that would be great. A real community contribution.


There are new car parking spaces in the High Street
Lake Meadows has become an award winning green space
Billericay Town Football Club has won the Ryman League Premier Division.


There are no independent shops left in Billericay High Street
There are many empty shops in the High Street
The fire station has closed
There are no green verges left.

The main events of the 90th anniversary celebrations will be our AGM on 18th May, a special event for our road reps in June, an Anniversary edition of The Resident, Summerfest in July and the Time Capsule in the autumn. The Queen will be having her celebrations alongside us. She was born in April 1926 and the Residents’ Association in the May.  A very auspicious year!

The Draft Local Plan.
On the Feedback page there are some of the comments from residents about the proposals for future development of Billericay. There are hot topics like housing however the plan is very extensive and the committees will have looked at the other areas covered and considered them in their response.
You will be interested to know that a small sample of Billericay schools were asked whether they are able to expand and they are full with no space to build more classrooms.
Following up to this straw poll BDRA has written to local schools and GPs to get a more informed view.

Can Can you Help?

Road reps for:
7 Houses  in Grosvenor Gdns
 Please call Paul Farrow on 625126 if you can help

4 houses in Oakwood Drive
Please call Helen Hill on 636024 if you can help
28 houses in Second Avenue
Please call Sheila Pullin on 657776 if you can help


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

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