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This Month's Topics

Annual General Meeting

We are excited to welcome Jonathan Baggs, Area Community Relations Manager (Surface East) from Crossrail to be our speaker at our AGM on May 20th.

We will be asking him to talk about how the idea of Crossrail was conceived and what the benefits of Crossrail to the people of Billericay will be. This project will definitely impact on the journeys of everyone who uses the train so we want to know how we should use the service to best advantage and how the new service will fit into existing timetables.

If you are interested do come along – 20th May – 8pm – Emmanuel Archer Hall.

And if the speaker doesn’t tempt you maybe the cakes and refreshments will.

Welcome to May's Resident.
As usual we have a great mix of information, things to do and places to go.  The coach organisers, Yvonne and Kathleen, have responded to the popularity of two of their current coach trips by putting on not one extra coach but in one case two extra.  They don’t want people to be disappointed as the popular trips book up really quickly.
I was delighted to hear about the Wind in the Willows trail at Hanningfield and it will be a trip out for our grandson.  I have already taken out the book to read about Toad’s exploits to him.  It must also be bluebell time in Norsey Woods.
AGM time for BDRA. Do come along and support your Association, hear about Crossrail, meet new members of the Committee.  Come and give us feedback about the last year, let us know about anything happening we would be interested in telling all residents. As you know belong to an Association is about engagement and communication.  See you there.
I haven’t put in a letters page this month but am prompted to let you know about my experience last week. As you know as an Association BDRA likes to support local businesses.  With this in mind I needed my ID authenticated by a solicitor to open an account.  I duly went to the nearest solicitor to Waitrose with my passport, driving licence and a current utility bill in my hand.  I was politely received in Reception but then when I stated the nature of my business was told that as the solicitor doesn’t know me it is policy to only authenticate ID for people they do and have done business with. Obviously I expected to pay for the solicitor’s time.  I was surprised and dismayed by this response and hoped that this was not the policy of all solicitors in Billericay.
I walked to the next solicitors, Fisher Jones Greenwood and was welcomed by two receptionists. They were happy to grant my request and I only had to wait a few minutes. However in that few minutes another enquirer came in to ask about updating her will. It reminded me that I need to update mine and you have guessed that I know which Billericay solicitors I am giving my business to!

 This Could be YOU!

Area Secretary for the West Area.
Due to the pending retirement of our West Area Secretary we are looking for someone who could give a couple of hours a month to managing the distribution of the Resident, managing membership and administration for the West Area of Billericay.  If you have the time and would like to be part of the Area Secretarys’ network then do ring Tesni Blee on  657125.  She would love to hear from you.

Road reps for:
28 Houses in Quilters
Please call Sheila Pullin on 657776 if you can help

9 Houses covering Marlborough Way, Rutherford Close,
            Berkeley Drive.
7 Houses in Grosvenor Gardens

 Please call Paul Farrow on 625126 if you can help

12 Houses Dedham Road/Dedham Close

 Please call Helen Hill on 636024 if you can help

Volunteers needed
Is there anyone who can give a few hours collecting subs in Queens Park and South Green. It would not need to be until the warmer weather and lighter evenings are upon us.  If you can help please contact Paul Farrow (Queens Park) on 625126 or Pam Heazel (South Green) on 413865.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

Copy Dates for "Resident"

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Chris Wade
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Great Burstead
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or e-mail
If an event is to be held before the 10th of the month then, to ensure circulation, the advertisement should be in the previous month's issue, e.g. an event taking place on the 3 May should be advertised in the April issue. Similarly if an event is scheduled for September then the advertisement should appear in the July issue.