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This Month's Topics

There needs to be a call for more transparency with the decisions the Council are making about allocating resources to Billericay.
In the space of 2 months Basildon’s Planning and Regeneration Committee have allocated 320,000 for Billericay’s infrastructure and then taken it away. There was no meaningful discussion as to the reasons for this it was just re-allocated.  Added to the news that the expansion of car parking spaces at South Green has been scrapped and the swimming pool has been put on hold. So for 320,000 now read 70,000. Which is of little use.
The morality of this behaviour is questionable and the cynical amongst us feel that the decision is more about getting votes than serving the people of Billericay.
Another trend we have noticed is
there is an issue about non-determination of planning applications – Magdalen Lodge in Potash Road, development on Queens Park Ave near Stockbrook Manor, Elizabeth Cottage, Churchill Homes in Laindon Rd – and those are the ones we know about in Billericay – there are probably more we don’t know about .What are the planning officers doing?

The Local Plan - The Next Challenge.

BDRA, BAG and Billericay Society are not letting the Local Plan timeline be received without a challenge.
 A letter has been sent to John Baron outlining our concerns about a timetable which means a further two years delay and the possible intention of the Council to make substantial changes/additions to the proposed plan without giving the public any further opportunity to express their views.
 Also we have serious concerns that  the weak political control exhibited by the administration at Basildon Council is resulting in the emergence of a Local Plan which does not have the support of local people. We are asking John Baron to find out for us the views of the Secretary of State on the further protracted delay to the preparation of the Basildon Local Plan, and whether they might be considering intervening in the process to expedite the production of the Plan. We will let you know the outcome.

Calling all clubs and Event organisers

Every year people are caught out with the deadline for our December/ January issue. As soon as you know your dates and speakers for December/January and the beginning of February let us know.  The Events page fills quickly !
Just a note re events, especially monthly ones, please ensure you give us the title of the talk or activity for the month as this will encourage people to come and join you.

Great news for Mill Meadows which will enhance a wonderful resource. We are so blessed with our green spaces.

Coach trips

Treat yourself to an extended holiday in Bridlington with 3 fantastic excursions to York. Beverley and Whitby ( great fish and chips!) Be quick as there are still places available on this 6 day trip. See details on page 12.

Club Focus

We did a series of articles focussing on local clubs and now on page 2 there is one that serves our area. If anyone wants to highlight their club so residents can see what is on offer then do contact me on

Any Ideas?

We are looking for ideas for a speaker for our AGM in May. What would interest you and other residents? We like to invite people who can give us information on key areas which affect us and can prompt future action i.e.  recent speakers have spoken about The Mayflower Project, Understanding housing issues and the action we can take, Crossrail , the role of the Police Commissioner. Contact me on with any ideas.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

Copy Dates for "Resident"

If readers wish to advertise an event or have an article printed in the newsletter the item should be submitted to the Editor by the 15th of the month before publication:

Chris Wade
12a Tyrone Close
Great Burstead
Billericay CM11 2RX

or e-mail
If an event is to be held before the 10th of the month then, to ensure circulation, the advertisement should be in the previous month's issue, e.g. an event taking place on the 3 May should be advertised in the April issue. Similarly if an event is scheduled for September then the advertisement should appear in the July issue.