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This Month's Topics

Welcome to the October Resident. As I am writing this we are enjoying the hottest September day in over 100 years. By the time you are reading it the picture will be different. This seems to be the way with so many things this year both nationally and locally. I heard an amazing fact on the radio yesterday – the amount of knowledge in the world doubles every eleven hours. Difficult to believe isn’t it.
 Well at a local level we have updates on the local plan, the CCGs proposals for local care provision, feedback on Elizabeth Cottage and a broader picture of feelings about keeping our roads safer. Thanks to those of you who took the time to respond.
The coach trip to Bury Christmas Fayre was so popular that Yvonne and Kathleen quickly arranged a second coach. Still one seat left as we go to press.  Look out for future new trips in November’s edition.
There must be one, two or even three people who are thinking what could I do to be more involved in my local community? I know you are out there and on the verge of contacting our chair John Buchanan on 01277 656715 or to ask for more details about being a membership secretary or secretary to the Association’s central committee. The latter is made up of a chair, vice chair, treasurer, area chairs and secretaries and the Resident’s team of 2 who work well together and would welcome and support a new secretary.

Local Plan Update

The process moves on following the consultation. If you remember BDRA questioned the proposals for meeting housing demand and protecting green belt. We were particularly critical of the lack of detail about providing community and transport infrastructure. The results of the consultation show that more than 80% of respondents were like us very dissatisfied or dissatisfied with these proposals.

Basildon Council’s Housing & Growth Scrutiny Committee met on September 13th in order to consider the Draft Local Plan Consultation Response, and how the Local Plan should be progressed in the light of it.

These are our notes from the meeting. Councillors expressed a number of important concerns. They think that the response from planning officers reflects too much ‘inaction’, in other words not responding constructively to the public’s concerns. The commitments on infrastructure -- roads, rail, health, education, utilities -- are not seen as specific or strong enough. The Scrutiny Committee wants to see non-negotiable infrastructure ‘trigger points’ built into the Plan, with a guarantee that without infrastructure enhancements coming first, developments will not proceed. It also wants costings to be carried out so that funding shortfalls are clearly identified. There is recognition of the very major nature of decisions regarding the number of new homes proposed, and the release of Green Belt land to enable it. A separate scrutiny meeting in the near future will examine all Green Belt issues. Furthermore, major changes to the Plan, some affecting Billericay, are now being proposed, and planning officers were told that these must be the subject of further public consultations.

The impression gained is that councillors attending the meeting are not satisfied with many aspects of the consultation response, and want to see substantial changes that properly address the public’s concerns before it goes to the Council’s Cabinet on September 29th.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
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