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Would You Believe it?


This Month's Topics

Land at Magdalen Lodge, Potash Road

The Basildon Draft Local Plan will not be finalised until next year. Nevertheless a developer has already applied for outline planning permission to build new homes on a site partly overlapping one of the Green Belt sites identified in the Draft Plan. The proposal is to build eighteen homes at Magdalen Lodge off Potash Road. The BDRA, in conjunction with the Billericay Action Group, opposes this application on three counts :-
(1) Building on any Green Belt land in Billericay is unjustified and does not meet the government’s criterion of ‘special or exceptional circumstances’;
(2) There is no commitment to improve Potash Road, which is busy and narrow, before it would have to take more traffic;
(3) This development would represent the ‘thin end of the wedge’ in terms of piecemeal housing developments without any enhancement of Billericay’s general infrastructure :- schools, roads, trains, GPs etc.

Basildon Borough Council should reject this application, but BDRA will be watching it closely, and intends to submit a formal objection. The Resident will keep members informed of its progress, and will advise if and when individual objections from members are appropriate for this or other development applications.


We highlighted this issue last month as well as previously having an update from the Green Farm Lane action group and asked for a response before we put together a campaign. What a disappointment only 3 people took time to reply on this issue which affects us all. An overview of their response can be seen HERE. This is the challenge Do you as a Resident want to give BDRA a mandate to put together a campaign to endeavour to keep our roads safer for all?  If you do read page 3 and put your thoughts in an email: or write to Chris Wade 12a Tyrone Close Billericay CM112RX.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
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